5 silly disasters mistakes in your resume

5 silly resume mistakes that can cost you the job.

You should always check for silly resume mistakes when you create your resume.

Keep these parameters in mind while help you create great resumes –


1. Bad basics – silly resume mistake


Grammar mistakes, spelling errors, unformatted text are some of the basic mistakes but dangerous enough to cost you your dream job.
Devote some extra time, read and re-read your fresh resume before pressing the send button because it will help you. So, when you are about to send your resume just read few times.

2. Too short or too long – silly resume mistakes

1-2 page is what makes for an ideal resume, basis the span of work experience.
While a long resume is exhausting for recruiters to scan through the relevant things, very short resume gives out nothing substantial to a recruiter to assess.
So, you must able to summarize your resume in maximum two pages.

3. Too much of skills – silly resume mistakes


You can’t be good at everything and anything related to your job profile and the recruiter knows that too.
So, it is irrelevant and a waste of time to fill your resume bragging about all the skill sets required to do the specific job.
It does more bad than good to your chances of getting an interview call.

4. Using shorthand – silly resume mistakes


While the new generation has a habit of using short forms, it doesn’t look good in a resume.
It is your professional document and should be treated like one.
Short forms puts off recruiters and it makes it difficult for them scan through and comprehend the relevant information from the resume.
So, this is very important and you must not miss it.

5. Incorrect contact information – silly resume mistakes


This is the silliest thing one can do but recruiters say they find many resumes on a daily basis with incorrect contact information.
Most times people forget to update their resumes to include their most recent contact information and also doing have a professional sounding email address.
It is for the job seeker to keep the resumes always up-to-date.

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