51 Tips For Job Seekers Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

51 Tips For Job Seekers Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Job seekers SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the art of writing your content to be found by search engines.


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51 Tips For Job Seekers SEO

So, it is the science you should know to write the piece of art. You will need to build resumes by making a resume for free.


1. Register Your Own Domain Name – Job Seekers SEO


You will need to register your domain name for any online presence .


So this is the first step for job seekers SEO profile creation.


You can buy your domain name from milesweb and you can use your name or your skills or use something within 20 characters as your domain name.



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2. Create a Simple Website /Blog or More
Now, you’ve the domain name and then you will have to decide to buy a WordPress theme or you can hire a web designer  to build your website.


Do check – websites for resumes or free resume website or what is the best website to build a resume online? or what’s the best website to make a resume? or what is the best website to build a resume? or how to set up a resume website?

Milesweb has powerful servers on cloud, virtual or shared.


So, it the time to host your website or blog.


The cost of hosting your website or blog on Milesweb is much more cheaper than other web hosting companies like godaddy, hostgator, bigrock or bluehost.

3. Content for your Website /Blog
You need to create content for your website.


Whether you’re a marketing guy, a doctor, teacher, a freelancer or artist or any other profession.


Then to create the right content for your website /blog you can hire a content writer or blogger who can help you with your content for the blog or website.


4. Explore Keywords for Your Field – Job seekers SEO


You need to be visible on the internet.


Only creating a blog or website will not help you.


So, you will need to explore and find the right keywords for your visibility on the internet.


Some of the tools which can be used are –

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Google Adwords – Keyword Planner

5. Publish your content
You can push the optimize content to your website or blog.


So the ideal length of the copy  should be more than 2000 words.


Then you can check for the resume templates.


So it is better if you could cover more tips or help content for your audience.


Always verify the content for spelling mistakes or typos.

6. Optimize the Title and Meta  description Tags
Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine will show the “Title” tag as the first line – “House Painters in New York – Paintzen” which you can find within the

<title> </title> tags in the html code.


So the job seekers to use SEO effectively the Title and the Meta tags play a great role.


Then, you see the Meta description below  – “Paintzen paiting contractors in New York are licensed…”


<meta name=”description” content=”Paintzen paiting contractors in New York are licensed”>


Title and description


You will need to optimize these text to get the right audience land on your website /blog.

7. Finalize the Website/Blog URL
You will need to repeat the above #6 step multiple times and create around 10 to 12 blogs after which you’re ready for the next step.


Then the job seekers should always create SEO friendly URL.


Example:- https://yourname-technology-expertise.com/ this should be a good job seekers SEO url.


8. Circulate Your Site Using Social Networking and invitation mails
You can invite your friends and other contact through social media like (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter for example).


Then you can also use the invitation mails to invite your friends and colleagues.


9. Creating your backlinks
It is important for any website to create backlinks i.e. links to your website from other websites.

You can build resume online for free and then build links to it.

Then you can ask your friends or colleagues to  link your website and you can also link them.


This will help you increase your domain authority score and rank better on search engines.


10. Submit Your Site to Search Engines and Directories
You need to submit your website or blog to search engine and directories like moz, google, yahoo, bing, aol or open directories.


At a minimum, you want to submit your site to these search engines and directories:

11. Write applicable Articles for Your Site… or Other Sites
Now, it time to work on new articles and submit them regularly.


So, you can help from the content writers or bloggers to write articles for you.


Always give your best and create original articles for your blog or website.


Search engines hate duplicate content and will mark them invalid.


Don’t make these mistakes.


So, it is important to create the content from original source and better to optimize your content.

12. Establish a consistent pace
You have now created your articles and then shared on social media.


And you have submitted to open directories and other search engines but still no luck with job or inquiries for freelancers.


So it is high time that you target the right audience and you should act as the expert in your field.


You need to develop the skills and showcase your skills in your blogs or articles in the website.

13. Get the metadata right
Keywords matter a lot and you need to get it right.


As discussed earlier the search engines love for metadata tags is more and so, you need to update it accordingly.


But, you are not a geek then you can hire a web developer from upwork or fiverr for you to do the job.


Please do your little research while hiring any candidate for the job.

14. Showcase Your Experience
You should showcase your experience on the website or blog.


Then you as a job seeker should use SEO keywords within the experience description section.


So, you need to create a page where you should list the following –


This is not an exhausted list:

  • List the biggest and smallest projects you’ve ever handled, and also the size and scope of the projects.
  • Skills and tactics you used to achieve different results.


Then your most successful and least successful ventures.


But don’t forget to promote the strategies that worked and solved the ones that didn’t.


  • Add some challenges that you have faced and how you overcome them or you failed.
  • You can add some screenshots of your projects with brief explanations.


You are an office manager or an assistant office manger it doesn’t matter.

15. Have a Working Knowledge of the Develop Industry
You need to be the expert in your industry.


Be prepared to discuss topics such as…

  • Projects: One of the first thing is to describe your projects in detail. So, your future employer knows your capabilities.
  • Skills: Don’t be shy to list your skills and level of expertise. But don’t include skills which you don’t know or you rate as expert.
  • Clients: If you don’t have a non-disclosure agreement then you should list your past clients with which you have worked.
  • Reviews: Ask your past employer or clients to write a few lines about your work and it does help the future employers.
  • Know to plan and follow the career advice.

16. Have a Link Building Programme
You need to have a link building programme in place. It will help you to increase the domain authority.


According to Moz’s Beginner’s Guide –


  1. Organic links: links given naturally by websites that link to your content.
  2. Non-editorial links: links created through blog comments, user profiles, etc.
  3. Outreach links: links that benefit both parties, usually suggested by the SEO agency(if you hire) who stands to benefit.


So, you should implement the above strategies.

17. Understand the Tools of the Trade

Frankly, if you are expert at your tools then you should list all your tools one by one and then write your bit about it.


example –

  1. Tool -x -> something about it.
  2. Tool -y => write more about it.

18.  Have a T-Shaped Skill set
Having a T-shaped skill set means knowing a bit about everything which you have worked and a lot about one or two niche topics.


For example :- You know about production, planning, inventory etc. but your core skills are marketing and sales.


19. Be Prepared to Explain Your Methodology
You must be prepared to explain the methodology of your past projects.


Then you should give enough confidence to your future clients or employers.

20. Practice Good Protocol
At the end of the day, you should follow the good protocol.


Make sure your online profile resume  is tailored specifically to your potential employer and free of error.


Groom your online profiles and portfolio, including all of your social media profiles.

21. Create Your Key Terms Into Your Resume
You have written your online profile and it will be viewed by your future employers or clients.


Now, you should include the key terms into your resume which will help the search engines to rank your webpage.

22. Use Your SEO Skills
The techniques that you have developed to create your resume online can be used to find other profiles.


Now, then you have  created your online profile and so, you can search for people who have created profiles similar to you.


So you can learn more from their online profiles.

23. Avoid catchy titles
You are suggested not to use catchy titles to attract customers.


So this may leave a negative impression and your chances of being hired by your future employer reduces.

24. Place title and location right up
You need to place the title and location right up on the profile.


So if you place your title and location to the top of your resume then it is better for your future employers to locate you or show interest.

25. Look for other terms that might be used & list them
Do more research about the other terms which people might use to find profile like you.


So you can use google trends to look for more terms which are in use in the last six months or so in your geography.

26. But not to overuse
Your goal should be to make your profile easily discoverable online.


So you shouldn’t overuse any keywords to make your profile list about others.


This is called stuffing keywords which is negative and your website or blog will be penalized by Google.

27. Share your posts
You should make your post easily shareable.


This means that you should include the social share links right at the top of your webpage or at the bottom.


You can take help from your web designer or check tutorial on youtube to include social media links.

28. Make sure your site is mobile ready
You need to make sure that your website or blog is mobile first i.e. it fits all portable devices like mobile, tablets or large screens.


With technological advances your website or blog should work on all devices irrespective of the screen size.

29. Never compromise quality
You should never compromise for quality.


Your article or blog should be clearly written and you shouldn’t repeat text or copy other sources.


So, you need to produce original and better quality blog which are more informative to the readers or future employers.


30. Remove Outdated Information From Your Experience Section
You need to keep your profile updated and ready for the job market.


So, there are may experiences which you had as a fresher or some voluntary experience which may not be required.

31. Follow Your Dream Companies
You can follow your dream companies and list them in your website or blog.


Now, you can create a new section which pulls all companies that you follow on twitter or linkedin.

32. Streamline Content
When updating your resume, keep this in mind, and make sure you use tight, high-quality verbiage.


It is better to streamline your content and well written content will be appreciated.


33.Think like a marketer
You need to think like a marketer and you shouldn’t be shy to sale your profile.


So, you need to be up and ready to capture the market.

34. Careful with your abbreviations
Most search engines are advanced enough to recognize commonly used abbreviations such as “Sr.” for “Senior” or “RN” for “Registered Nurse, ”“PA” job is referring to “Physician’s Assistant,” “Production Assistant,” “Personal Assistant,” or “Personal Accountant.”


So, you can use these abbreviations which are accepted in the industry.

35. Keep location out of the title
As discussed earlier you should list your title and location in the top section.


This doesn’t mean that you can include location with the title. So, keep them separate.

36.Front-load your title
Your title should be at the top and it helps the recruiter to show interest in your resume.


But don’t make it catchy.

37. Keep an eye on character count
The best job title is under 20 characters – so titles like Sales Manager, Accountant or Registered Nurse etc.


This will help you keep your resume clean and readable.

38. Formatting matters… a lot
You should make your formatting simple and easily readable.


The best is use a resume builder to create your resume and then download the html version of your.


You can then easily incorporate the html to your website or blog.



You need create a contact form where the recruiters or future employer could contact you.


This will be your lead generation form.


You should also list your email and phone for easy communication.

You need to engage with the recruiters.


‘Whenever you get any lead from your contact form or email.’


You should be ready to reply.


So, there can be automated reply that you’ll reach them shortly or after one day or 30 minutes or 5 minutes etc.

41. Use a Professional Profile Photo
Optionally, you can upload your photo with the profile.


This should be professional photo or a photograph taken on the work place.


Job seekers should include alt and title in the image tag for SEO.


Example:- <img alt=’job seekers name and skills as seo keyword’ src=’pic.jpg’ title=’job seekers name and skills as seo keyword’/>

42. View Your Social Post
If you’re active on social media and you post often then you should be always monitor your posts.


Then this doesn’t mean that you want to be fake about yourself but just keep a view of the posts.

43. You may need to Untag, Unfriend, Unfollow
Social media has become an integral part of our lives. So, you may need to untag, unfriend or unfollow.




There may be some informal followers or known people who you may need to unfollow.




So you may need to ask your friends not to tag on controversial topics or things you want to avoid.




But don’t be afraid to unfriend people who post inflammatory posts on your wall, or post comments that aren’t appropriate.

44. Do Your Own Research
Always do your research and keep the hunger alive.


So you can look for companies in LinkedIn or Glassdoor to know about them.


Not only companies and their owners but also the people in senior positions.

45.Get Social Media Advice
You can’t do all the above by yourself.


So, you will need a helping hand in many of the above things including social media advice.


But it may be easy to hire someone from upwork or fiverr to do your social media.

46. Speed
The speed of your website is crucial to your overall ranking on Google and this will affect everything from blog pages or online resume.


So you should always review the speed of your website and take help of a developer to fix the issues or take suggestions.

47. Add the background
Now, linkedIn too has added a background photo and you can also introduce a photo pattern to your website or blog.


So please don’t use a background with high resolution which will slow down your website or blog.

48.Keep it Simple
Your resume online should be simple enough for the recruiter to understand.


But don’t try to use high sounding words or phrases which may decrease your chances of selection.

49. Include Your PDF Resume
Now, you have a great website or blog and the recruiter found it.


So it is better to keep a PDF version of your resume which the recruiter or future employer could download.


office manager resume sample


50. Think Like A Pro
Be confident in your posts and be a Pro when you make a post.


So your confidence should reflect in your posts and it should tell a story about you.


Then in your post too the job seekers must think SEO, be focus to use it.

51. Avoid Slashes in Your title
Please avoid using slahes in your title “Administrative Assistant/Office Manager” .


Then this will reduce your visibility and lower page ranking.


So, there you have it.




Following these fifty one SEO practices when creating your job descriptions is an effective strategy that will help you stay ahead of the game and boost your job seeker traffic.


But it does take time to build a online brand or personal profile.


So you must try to build your profile.


But you should follow the above 51 tips for your SEO profile and you will surely succeed.


Then there isn’t any shortcut to build your online brand.


So, you have to be patient and it will take at least couple of months to see the results.


Keep your profile fresh and you will land more interviews or projects.


So job seekers should always focus on SEO keywords based on the skills. This would help the job seekers to land more interviews.


All the best and thanks for reading.


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