Best Resume Templates 2021

best resume templates 2019

Best Resume Templates


Best Resume Templates 2021 – using our templates is so simple and easy!


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Resume Templates


So you’ve selected a resume template and you’re ready to write a powerful resume.


But you’ve already searched a lot on google “Best Resume Templates 2021”.


Then got many internet advice on how to write a resume


But, you are not sure how to digest it. Then with our two decades of resume writing experience.


Also a team of professional resume writers. We also have the best collection of resume templates 2019.


So there are many approaches to great resume writing.


And there a lot of right things that you should do.


the to get the most out of our resume templates.


So we’ll cover the most important ones now.


1. Chronological Resume Templates


Chronological resumes highlight consistency. So this format stresses what you accomplished in each of the positions you held.


But a chronological resume also focuses primarily on your work experience and education.


Then it also shows your progress and advancements in your career.


So this resume format is popular among businesses.


How to Prepare a Chronological Resume


  • List your most recent jobs first.
  • So, it in the chronological order from current to the first job.
  • Then give dates for each job but no need to add the day.( Example : Jul 2010 – Aug 2012)
  • Then briefly describe the main duties and accomplishments in each job.
  • So, the hiring managers will get to know your role and responsibilities.
  • Also emphasize duties and accomplishments that relate to the job you seek.
  • Because, this will make your resume more relevant.


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2. Functional Resume Templates


A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience. It excludes chronological time and job titles.


So it presents a profile of your experience based on professional strengths or groups of skills.


Then your employment history usually follows. But in less detail than in a chronological resume.


Because it is used most often by people with gaps in their work history.


So those who are changing careers and individuals with limited work experience.


So employers generally do not prefer to receive functional resumes.


Also these resumes do not show your work history or career progress.


So is this the best resume templates 2019? probably not.


How to Prepare a Functional Resume


  • Use if you; have gaps in your employment
  • Have changed jobs frequently, or are changing careers
  • So highlight your professional strengths
  • Then highlight your transferable skills
  • But do not include dates of employment


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3. Combination Resume Templates


A combination resume combines the best features of the traditional chronological  and functional resumes.


So the combination resume can also be referred to as a skills based resume.


And this resume works for entry level candidates.


It also works well as for those who have many years experience.


Also if you need a better resume.


When to Prepare a Combination Resume


  • Use when changing careers
  • Also you need to highlight your skills and education over experience


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4. Traditional Resume Templates


traditional paper resume, ideally one or two pages long.


It documents your educational and occupational history, including job duties and accomplishments.


It can be a chronological or functional resume.


Then this is an excellent choice for those applying for companies with  more conventional principles.


So it features a classic and elegant layout. That is easy to evaluate your career growth because a chronological formal is used.


This elegant resume is best suited for those applying for banking and finance, educational and government jobs.


Also you can apply in other traditional brick and mortar type industries.


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5. Simple Resume Templates


simple resume format can be reverse-chronological or chronological. Yes, this can be considered the best resume templates 2021.


You need to include the education, skills and your experience. Then a simple resume format requires a lot of creativity.


So it should be both pleasing to the eye and tailored to your experience and desired job.


If you are applying to a conservative or old-fashioned place of employment.


Then this resume format is the best way to go.


So this format is for professionals in the legal field, finance and  corporate offices.


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simple resume



6. Professional Resume Templates


The chronological format is the most recognizable and traditional format for resumes.


So it is preferred by most recruiters and hiring managers.


Because it requires less guesswork than other resume formats.


But in a chronological resume, your experience is laid out in a manner that is familiar and easy to understand.



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professional resume



7. Basic Resume Format


A basic resume format has the simple styling. It is well spaced with no fancy fonts or underlines.


So the basic resume can be chronological or reverse-chronological, functional, and combination resume templates.


Then they are designed to have universal appeal.


This is the best resume templates 2021 for unemployed or student who can’t afford premium.


This is of great benefit for those applying for multiple jobs with different types of organizations.


So a basic resume format clearly communicates your job history, accomplishments and education in the order you desire.


But if you are applying for jobs online, or submitting your resume via e-mail the clean.


Then the simple layout of the basic resume format is the best choice.


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basic resume template



8. Modern Resume Format


modern resume should list your resume summary which covers the skills and experience.


So modern resume expresses yourself in a less words.


Then it utilizes the Power words to showcase your skills and experience.


Just keep it short but powerful.


An outstanding modern resume prioritizes your skills using new strategies to impress employers.


Then it should be easy to read and attractively designed.


So using appropriate font and color plays a big role.


The length of the resume  shouldn’t be long. It should be one or two pages long.


The contact information should display your phone or email. It allows the recruiter to reach you.


Professional summary should be well prepared and invest time in writing it.



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modern resume template 2021


9. Minimalist Resume Format


A Minimalist Resume format focuses on your achievements. Then it keep your resumes simple enough to meet your goals.


So it will help you to apply for traditional organizations.


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minimalist resume


10. Contemporary Resume Format

A Contemporary Resume Format allows an individual to show the tailored skills.


These skills are characteristics that make this modern resume type easy to identity.


So you can use a two column skills section to exhibit your skills.


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11. Colorful Resume Format


A Colorful Resume Format  is a great choice. It strikes the sweet spot of simplicity and creativity.


Then the bold color highlights hits the hiring manager attention to details. This is the best resume templates 2021 for people who want showcase talent.


So this help when you are applying for a job with a small or mid-size organization.


As the ATS (Application tracking system, a robot which scans resumes for relevant candidates)is not installed.


But, a colorful resume can be ATS compliant if it is built with power keywords and no graphics or icons.


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ColorfulColorful Resume Format Example


12. Academic Resume Format


Your academic resume should be used to apply only for academic jobs.


It is not recommended for other jobs.


So the academic positions is a record of all your academic and professional achievements.


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academic resume format



13. Hybrid Resume Format


A Hybrid Resume Format is recommended when you focus is on skills and experience.


So you should mention the skills at the top which will attract the hiring managers.


And it is ATS compliant too.


Then it is for experienced skilled professionals when they don’t meet the education.



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hybrid resume templateHybrid Resume Format



14. Creative Resume Format


A Creative Resume Format is  for media, communication, creative, and design professionals.


So these resumes are use colors in various section to highlight the skills, experience or education.



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office managerCreative Resume Format



15. Portfolio Resume Format


A Portfolio Resume format lets you demonstrate your experience.


So this category of resume template format is a type close to the creative resume format.


Then the Portfolio Resume is used by professionals such as actors, musicians, artist, models and so on.



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portfolio resume templatePortfolio Resume Format


16. High School Resume Format


High school student resumes gives the colleges a brief introduction of your accomplishments, extracurricular & hobbies.


It may also include if any work history.


Because these resumes can help you with college interviews.


Then you can also get more recommendations from your teachers.


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highschool resume templateHigh School Resume Format



17. College Resume Format


College Resume Format is the entry level resume for fresh graduates.


This may be used by students studying in college.


So these resume doesn’t focus on work history. But more on skills, extracurricular activities, volunteering work, part-time jobs & internships.


Also any knowledge you have developed in your school.



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college resume



18. Corporate Resume Format


Corporate Resume Format displays your impressive accomplishments on professional templates.


Then you need focus more on accomplishments that you have achieved.


So, the corporate resume format  will make the job of hiring manager easy.


The ATS compliant corporate resume format land more interviews.



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Corporate resume



19. Graphical Resume Format


Graphical resume or Infographic resume  will display your skills or achievements in a graphical format.


But these resumes use extensive use of graphical icons or images to showcase the professional career.


So only professionals in certain careers should consider using a graphical resume design.


These include web designers, advertising specialists, artists, and graphic designers. This is best resume templates 2021 for people in artistic profession.


Then if you don’t work in these fields, stay away from using a creative format.


Instead opt for a simple resume template. But these resumes are not ATS complaint.


Your resume will be rejected by resume scanning robots.


No graphical resumeGraphical Resume Format




Graphical Resume Format  by buildfreeresume offers the best resume templates.  It will help you create the winning resumes.


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Choose your resume template i.e. the resume format which will help you land more interviews.


Then you need to write experience your work history, skills and education.


Then write the professional summary in the best possible way.


So the most widely used resume formats are Chronological, functional, and combination resume formats.


And you can learn more about the Resume Guide here.




You need the best content for your resume which is ATS Friendly Resume Templates .


So that your resume is be selected for many interviews.


Our resume builder allows easy insert of the example text to your resume.


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Then you need to do some customization to your resume.


You can add additional skills or achievements which will help your resume.


So, these are the  Best Resume Templates 2019.