Strong Resume 2023 For You [ How to build one? ]


How to build a strong resume? Strong resume is the most relevant resume for an applied job.


It is just that simple…now how to write the most relevant resume. So, how to write a strong resume?

Looking to write a resume for free with an easy resume builder.

There are two approaches to build a strong resume –


1. How To Make Your Own Strong Resume?

You need to spend good amount of hours in your research because of these steps –


a) Choose the right strong resume template –


  •     The format chosen for your resume plays an important part in making your best resume strong.
  •      You Shouldn’t fall for the templates which offer images or icons as a part of the resume template.
  •      Choose the right font size.



b) Choose the right text for your strong resume –

Choose your resume

  • You should go for the right text for your resume. Because, your resumes content is the king.
  • Most resumes are scanned by Application Tracking System(ATS) Softwares and your resume should contain the relevant text.
  • Hiring manager take less than 10 seconds to reject your resume.

c) Choose the right font for your strong resume –

font for resume

  • Don’t fall for fancy fonts
  • Say no to icons
  • Don’t fall for complex tables
  • Never go for images
  • Because above are ignored by the ATS

d) Highlight your achievements strong resume –

resume for achievements

  • Spend time while drafting the professional summary of your resume.
  • Your summary should highlight your professional achievements.
  • You must not use italics or bold too much
  • This is the first section of your resume and should be lasting experience for the recruiters.



e) Get strong resume advice –

Resume for seniors

  • It is better to check your resume before your send it. So, it has no silly mistakes.
  • You can hire a resume writer or ask your seniors to review your resume.
  • Now, move to the technology section the most critical part.

f) Time to learn the technology –


  • Ready to learn the complex office tools or pdf editor or html editors. But, it is difficult to master them.
  • So, you need to learn the formatting options which is offered by the various office tools.
  • Check the printable area of the resume which may vary based on your region or geography. So that you don’t make a bad print.
  • Adjust the font settings and learn to use the fonts effectively in a resume.
  • Work on the knowing the best fonts which are to be applied to your resume. But, it will eat most of your time.

2. How to Use a Resume Builder to Create a Strong Resume?


An online Resume Builder is a software as a service utility tool which is an easy-to-use service that lets you quickly create a  resume in simple steps but professional-looking resume, you can take advantage of it when find yourself on the hunt for a new job.


Because, when you choose a quality resume builder, you can successfully build a great looking resume in no time at all which may be less than 10 or 15 minutes and the process couldn’t be much simpler for you. It is you who has to decide the best resume builder to build your resume.


There are many cheap resume builder which provides –


a) Resume templates –


They will offer resume from scratch with icons, fancy fonts and images but these templates will help you. So, these will not help you.



Though, these templates will look good to you but they are rejected by the Application Tracking System Software (ATS) because it is used by organization to filter and scan resumes. Don’t fall for these resume builders.


a) Option to fill in the text –


These resume builders will let you type everything in the provided options  but no help text.


The resume builder will not suggest example content for your resume which makes you resume building process more painful.


You will spend a lot of time working on those templates fill options and doesn’t do any good to you.

Then choose a free resume creator online to make free resumes online.

Now, when using the best quality resume builder  to your build strong resume –


1) Choose template –


Choose professional job resume templates. The first step in using a resume builder is to select the template you want to use for your resume.


Most resume builders have hundreds of templates to choose from so finding one that is appealing to you should not be a problem for you.


All our resume templates are created by professional resume writers with their years of experience and working closely with the industries leading software designers, architects to produce the best resume templates.


These best resume templates will help you to create strong resume.


Simply find a template that you like in the sector or industry or field in which you are trying to get new job in and move on to the next step.


These resume templates will help you create many resume combinations like chronologicalfunctional, hybrid(combination) and targeted resume formats.



So, our resume builder let’s you select from the wide range of resume templates from the classic, modern to the new age version of resume templates.


These templates are optimized for every industry or profession from students, nurse, chartered accountants, sports agents, hospitality, culinary art, engineering, security services, ex-army, drivers…to executives.


<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-251″ src=”” alt=”resume example template” width=”235″ height=”304″ />resume builder

2) Insert Examples –


Easily insert professionally written examples to your resumes. So, our resume builder is powered by industry specific power keywords, sample bulleted phrases and tips.


These help you create your resume in minutes. So, at every step in the resume building process these utility text examples and samples specific to your industry and profession will help you create the winning resume.


Because, you don’t need to do research or spend hundreds of hours looking for content for your resume.


The industries specific content for your resume based on your profession and level of experience.


Your work experience matters and choose the right content for your strong resume.


Our resume builder content is AI driven and so, it will provide you better suggestion as you continue to use our resume builder.


But, no need to waste your time, money, energy and sweat working with cheap resume builders which add no value.



resume templateresume template


3) Print & Download-


So, download or print your brand new resume! Our online free resume builder will let your download your text resume free for life.


But, we never charge and will never charge for the text resume downloads. Because it is free for you to download the text resume.


Our text resumes best when you are looking for a job and want to save more. So, it comes handy when you want to apply for a job.


The text resumes are ATS  complaint and so, you can use them for job applications. But, most professional format for resumes are html or pdf documents.


resume templateresume template



Really using our resume builder is a simple one, two, and three process.


Our resume builder will help build strong resumes and land the dream job.


You can check buildfreeresume customer reviews and feedback.

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