Resignation Letter: How to compose your letter of resignation?

resignation letter

Resignation Letter

Resignation letter – resignation is an act of resigning from a job or office. Resigning from a job or office is the beginning of a new job search or joining a new organization or retiring from the all jobs. A

resignation letter can be simply “I quit.” for someone to writing a long letter explaining every reason for leaving the organization or a formal straight forward letter with few lines.


In this blog we will try to understand first someone of the reasons for resignation, employee state of mind and how to write the letter with a conclusion.


When does an employee resign from a job?

Below are the common 16 reasons when an employee resigns from a job.

  • Lack of appreciation by colleagues.
  • Lack of appreciation by Boss or supervisor.
  • Undervalued or felt irresponsible by supervisors.
  • Low compensation compared to peers.
  • Low compensation then market value.
  • When you’re taken responsible for every fault in the system by colleagues or supervisor.
  • Setting of impossible targets by supervisors.
  • When all work is assign to you and your peers do nothing.
  • Quarterly or annual review is not satisfactory as per the supervisor even if you have achieved all goals.
  • When your junior is promoted and compensated well but you’re not promoted or compensated.
  • There is no challenging work in the company.
  • Corporate culture doesn’t suit you.
  • Forced to resign due to behavioral issues.
  • Forced to resign due to performance issues.
  • Looking for retire early


Understanding the employee state of mind – before writing resignation letter

The above reasons are pretty self explanatory and in more than 90% of the cases, we know that employees are unsatisfied in one way or another. Yes, we Humans are social animals and

we all want to be treated well. So, what is the state of mind of an employee when he is looking to resign? The process of resignation is not a one day affair.

One reason is added to another and slowly it becomes impossible to go to office. Even a simple misbehavior of the supervisor may leave a scar on the mind of the employee. It may be an

inappropriate touch or gesture or humiliation in front of all colleagues.

Studies done by several scientists found that employees should be treated equally whether CEO or peon or office boy or security guard. A person who treats all employees equally is

always respected and loved by all.

The employee no longer wants to visit the premises of the office. Or everyday is a hell start. Also everything seems to be blurry and however you try to fit and cope with the situation it

fails. Normally, it is recommended that an employee should leave the organization before it becomes so bitter or unbearable. But it may be due to economic reasons or job market

situation or unavailability of the same level or standard of job the employee has to continue with the job.


Many employees can act normal in those bad times but most are unable to bear the burden of it. It is wise to take help from a colleague or senior who may be helpful in these difficult

times when all odds are against you. It impacts the family life of the employee in most of the cases.



Can employer step in and help? Stop from resignation

With several studies and exit interview discussion with resigning candidates it has been found that the immediate Boss or the supervisor is responsible for 91% of the employee

unhappiness which leads to resignations.  Human resource manager have been very hard overtime to reduce the friction of the supervisor and workers or sub-ordinate employees. There

has incidents when the human resource manager or its team is responsible for many unhappy employees.

Rarely or in few cases the employer is mistreating the employees. Every organization wants a good retention rate and wants to keep the best employee even if they have to give an undue

promotion or perks or salary hike. A small percentage choose to stay with these incentives or perks but most have already made mind to leave organization.

Does resignation mean a better next company? No more resignation letter

When you are joining a new organization then you need to study the work ethics of the company. It may take 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years to cope with the culture of the organization.

The life cycle of an employee is to join a new company work for some years then due to personal reasons or financial reasons move to another company. This cycle of the employee ends

with a retirement. Yes, a Government employee may continue to work for 35 or 40 years in the same department or organization however unsatisfied with work. People who opt for

Government job need stable income and job. A private employee is equal patriot as a Government employee. A private job is always more challenging and demands immediate change

but Government jobs take time to change or less urgent due to many complication.

So, resignation doesn’t always mean a better company or no more resignation letters.


What are the types of resignation letter?

There are several factors which lead to resignation and it has many types.

  • Formal resignation or basic resignation letter.
  • Immediate resignation letter.
  • Email resignation letter.
  • Short notice resignation letter.
  • Long notice resignation letter.
  • Personal reason resignation letter.
  • Forced resignation letter.


We will discuss some of the types of resignation letter and you can create a resignation letter here.

How do you formally resign from a job?

The best way is to discuss in person with your boss and then write a letter of resignation. Please include reason, your title and designation while you resign from the job. This will serve

as a proof when you join the next company. If for any reason the new company wants a copy of the resignation. An acknowledgement in a copy  with acceptance signature is expected

from your boss.


How do I resign over email?

You can resign over email. There can be several reasons why you want to email without facing any discussion with the employer. It is the choice of the employee to do it. During an email

resignation always email from official email to employer or manager and CC to your human resource manager, immediate boss and yourself (personal email not official email).


What is immediate resignation?

It is the resignation process when you want to leave the company on the same day and very minute. This can be discussed or email or handwritten. Please do get the acknowledgment of

resignation and also take care that the pending salary or bonus dues are collected.


What is a short notice resignation?

When an employee want to give few days or a week or two of advance notice that is called the short notice resignation. In this case in the exit interview the employer may ask for some

completion of work or knowledge transfer. This is most common is US or UK or developed Countries.


What is long notice resignation letter?

This long notice resignation is rare in the west or US or UK or developed Countries. Human resource manager and team is very particular that the person who wants to leave the

organization gets to leave it early. This actually helps the organization. Whenever an employee gives a long notice then there is good chance that many more unsatisfied or unhappy

employees which the company could have retained will leave soon. This type of long notice resignation letter are very common in India particularly. In India all major IT & software

companies like Wipro, Tech Mahindra, TCS, HCL, Infosys, CTS etc. have a notice period of 2 months or 3 months. This is very bad for the employee who looking to leave the

organization has to wait for 3 months. Also, human resource team doesn’t look to end such policies but finds ways to increase the time. This is usually done to show employee retention

to share holders.


What is a personal reason resignation letter?

A personal reason resignation may be due to loss of a family member, accident or good opportunity but reason to leave the present company. In this case the personal reason is the best

reason to write your resignation. When you mention the reason personal then there is no option for the company to know it even if they try to question it only say “Personal”.


What is a forced resignation letter?

The forced resignation may happen due to behavioral issues, mental problem, performance issues etc. This method resignation is common in India and rarely in the US. When there is

no way to make an employee leave the organization then behavioral issues or performance issues are a way to get rid of employees. In developed Countries severance pay is given but in

India no severance pay is given in more than 90% of the cases. Only few reputed MNCs may given 2 months of severance pay.


When the relationship with the employer becomes bitter sweet then the employee decides to leave the organization. It is way better to wait for everything to become bitter.

Some ways not to land in the same type of company is to research online or talk to past employees. There are always good and bad people in every organization. It is not likely that

you will always find the better ones. Try to improve your soft skills and try to tackle the worst ones. The first few organization are really tough and slowly as you move up the ladder

you will become more strong. We never believe in discrimination and provide equal opportunity to all. Also, never ever return to you last company. You’ll know why in our next coming



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