The Personal Side of Business

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The Personal Side of Business

While it is true that most of us know what eCommerce is, this form of business doesn’t work well for everyone.

Many people go into business because they just like people and want to interact with them and get joy when their customers enjoy what they’ve created.

Or the type of business they want to begin doesn’t lend itself to an eCommerce format. 

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of other types of businesses that can provide just as much satisfaction as owning an eCommerce store does.


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5 Business Ideas to Consider

Local on-demand services

You can put together a small group of people and offer one-time on-demand services for people who need them.

For example, this group may offer to clean a house after a move-out or assemble an IKEA product, or install a new ceiling fan.

Pet sitting

Staying with a pet in their home or yours, long-term or short-term Dog walking and pet grooming can be part of or separate services.

Also there are several online classes you can take that can certify you adding to your credibility. 

Personal chef/meal delivery

Preparing and delivering meals for busy parents on the go is a great business for those who like to cook and bake.

Or you can provide a catering service for special events, bake cakes and other pastries for events or for sale in your own shop. 

Home services company

A company that specializes in making a home more liveable by providing general contracting services is perfect for someone with handyman skills. This includes repairs, maintenance, and installation of a wide range of products such as floors and ceilings, and windows.

Bed & Breakfast

If your home is large enough to accommodate it, you can offer your home as a bed and breakfast.

Then some light cleaning and breakfast in the morning for travelers and vacationers.

This could include items from waffles to eggs benedict and more.


Creating Your Business

A business plan is a blueprint you’ll base your personal business on.

  • It should describe your company
  • Detail how you’ll sell your services
  • Describe how your business will be structured
  • Include what funding you’ll need
  • Financial projections

You can find examples of business plans online and even easy-to-follow templates that guide you through the process step-by-step. 

Creating a DBA or Doing Business As name for your company makes it easier to branch out into new services.

Also if you want to sell products under a different name, and if a domain for your business isn’t available, you can market your services under a different name. 


Create a Logo

Having a well-designed logo for your business makes a strong first impression, builds brand awareness, and separates your business from the competition.

If your startup is on a tight budget, instead of paying for logo design services, you can use an online logo maker to design an appealing and creative logo on your own.

Then simply choose a style and icon and add in any text you’ll need, and you’ll be able to view an assortment of logos and adjust their fonts and colors. 


Avoid Cyber Attacks

Even non eCommerce businesses use online technology for many of their services.

In order to avoid a cyber-attack, you should contact cybersecurity experts to help you with eliminating IT security blind spots.

Then recover your data from cyber threats including ransomware from your business.

Also having a recovery plan in place if your business suffers a cyber-attack means you can quickly resume operations.



Owning your personal business can be a dream come true for many people. But they are often surprised to learn how easy it can be if you follow all the steps.

Spend some time coming up with an idea that appeals to you, and then make sure you have all the necessary paperwork filed to ensure your business stays legal.

Also with hope and a dream plus a lot of hard work, you can become the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.

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