What Veterans Need to Know Before Going Back to School?


Veterans planning to go to school?

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You’ve separated from service and now you’re wondering what’s next.

If your plans include going back to school, you may have a few questions and concerns that need to be addressed first.

After all, earning a degree can come with some major benefits.

When you are transitioning from soldier to civilian, but there can also be a few potential challenges.

With this in mind, Build Free Resume outlines what you should know about going back to school as a vet.

The Right Degree Can Open Career Doors 


After you leave the service, you definitely need a job.

Going back to school can help you find a career that you love and look forward to working in every day.

Rather than just settling for a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

Indeed notes that some of the best degrees to earn to make yourself competitive in the job market include options in the health and tech sectors. 


In fact, enrolling in a tech program can set you up for a career with endless opportunities and lucrative pay.

Best of all, you can earn a computer science degree from an accredited institution online.

This means you can work to bring in a paycheck at the same time. 


Other in-demand majors include business, accounting, engineering, and criminal justice.

Each of these fields is predicted to continue growing jobs.


So you should have no problems finding a good position once you’ve finished your degree.


Business Insider points out that many of these jobs are also great for vets. 


Most Veterans Can Get Help Paying for College


We don’t need to tell you that having a degree or some sort of professional training can have perks for your professional goals after service.

But when you think of getting back into school, you may also be worried about the associated costs.

While tuition expenses have been on the rise for decades.


Now, the good news is that you should be able to get help covering these costs. 


Some schools offer free tuition to qualifying veterans, so if you’re really concerned about expenses you can start by checking out these options.

Of course, tuition-free benefits tend to vary by state, which means you will be limited to certain geographical areas.

All the more reason to research online schools if you need a little more freedom and flexibility. 


Whether you attend class online or on campus, you can also look into scholarships, grants, financial aid, and education benefits that have been specifically set up for veterans.

The best place to start is with guides and then check with financial aid offices at your chosen school. 


Attending Classes Tends to Get Easier With Age 


Another common concern for vets thinking about going back to school?

That they will stick out for being an older student on campus.

We get it — it can be tough to get back into the classroom when you’re worried about this, but statistics show that campuses are filled with nontraditional students.

You can opt for an online degree. It is common to go online.


You should also know that there are some pretty big benefits to being in school when you’re a little older and wiser.

You need to be more focused and serious about your studies.

Most schools are also very supportive and welcoming of older and non-traditional students. 


Last but not least, if you are looking for social connection during your college experience, you may be able to join up with veterans groups.

There are organizations dedicated to keeping veteran students connected to one another and the added support they need. 




When you’re leaving the military, you can do few things:

a) join a new job

b) transition to new career.

If you’re planning to transition into a career then veterans should consider going back to school.

Although there’s nothing wrong with pursuing a job right away.

Getting the right degrees can open you up to more opportunities for career satisfaction and better pay.

Plus, paying for and navigating college as a veteran can be so much easier than you think.

Don’t let fears or worries stand in the way of success — think about what interests you, research different colleges, and start signing up for classes.


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