Resume Samples 2023: Why Copy? [ Write Your Own Resume]

why copy from resume samples

Why copy from resume samples? Resume samples – many ask me for resume sample and I tell them no sample please. But most resume builder share sample resume of others, beware of such resume builders.


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It is a trend set my some people job portals and online resume sites which offer other people resume then remove or mask their Name/Contact section.


Some offer resume samples images or html format which you are copy and paste versions of other person’s resume.


This is not an acceptable behavior from the resume builders who act irresponsibly but they don’t.

Then how make a resume for free? or how to create resume for free online?
So, you should never copy from samples.


Why do they share resume samples?


  • These organizations think that if we provide sample to candidates then they will visit their website or subscribe to their services.
  • This is a wrong practice and I’m sure that there will be a law to protect the personal data of people who build resume on their sites.
  • The second problem is that people started to use the sample resumes and change Minor details to make it their own.
  • This approach leads to mass rejection in companies which runs Application Tracking System popularly known as ATS.
  • Next thing is that resume is you and not another person who you want to imitate. This leads to a false personal image and you may land the bad job.

What you should do with resume samples?




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Resume is you and who you sell yourself and not somebody else. Be yourself.


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