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When it comes to college admissions, having a strong resume can make all the difference. A well-crafted resume can showcase your qualifications and experience, and help you stand out from the competition. For college admission counselors, in particular, a resume is an essential tool for demonstrating your expertise in college counseling, student recruitment, and application review.

In this blog post, we will provide you with two college admission counselor resume examples to give you an idea of what your resume should look like. We will also address some frequently asked questions about resume writing for college admission counselors.

Resume Example #1

Name: Melissa Thompson

Contact Information:
– Phone: 123-456-7890
– Email: [email protected]
– LinkedIn:

Summary: Dedicated and experienced college admission counselor with a proven track record of successfully guiding students through the college application process. Strong knowledge of college admissions standards and procedures. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

– Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of XYZ, 20XX
– Master of Education in College Counseling, ABC University, 20XX


College Admission Counselor, XYZ College, 20XX-present
– Assist students in the college application process, including reviewing application materials, conducting interviews, and advising on essay writing
– Actively recruit prospective students by representing the college at college fairs and high school visits
– Collaborate with other departments to develop and implement college admission strategies
– Serve as a resource for students and parents on college admission requirements, financial aid options, and scholarships

– Strong knowledge of college admission policies and procedures
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
– Proficient in using application review software
– Ability to work collaboratively with students, parents, and college staff
– Attention to detail and strong organizational skills

Awards and Affiliations:
– Member, National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Resume Example #2

Name: John Smith

Contact Information:
– Phone: 123-456-7890
– Email: [email protected]
– LinkedIn:

Summary: Skilled college admission counselor with a proven track record in student recruitment and college advising. Extensive knowledge of college admissions standards and procedures. Strong ability to form connections with students and guide them through the application process.

– Bachelor of Science in Education, University of ABC, 20XX
– Master of Arts in Higher Education, XYZ University, 20XX


College Admission Counselor, ABC University, 20XX-present
– Conduct one-on-one college advising sessions with students, providing guidance on searching for colleges, writing application essays, and preparing for interviews
– Develop and present college admissions workshops to high school students and parents
– Coordinate college fairs and admissions events to showcase the university to prospective students
– Review and evaluate student applications, making admissions decisions based on established criteria

– Extensive knowledge of college admissions standards and procedures
– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
– Familiarity with college search databases and resources
– Ability to work effectively with a diverse student population
– Strong attention to detail and organizational skills

Awards and Affiliations:
– Member, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

FAQs about College Admission Counselor Resume Examples

1. What should be included in a college admission counselor resume?
In addition to your contact information, a college admission counselor resume should include a summary of qualifications, relevant education, professional experience, skills, and any awards or affiliations relevant to the field.

2. How long should my resume be?
Ideally, your resume should be no longer than one or two pages. Keep it concise and focused on your most relevant qualifications and experiences.

3. Should I include references on my resume?
It is not necessary to include references on your resume. Instead, have a list of references available upon request.

4. How should I format my resume?
Use a clean and professional format, with clear headings and bullet points to highlight key information. Use a readable font and make sure your resume is well-organized and easy to navigate.

5. Should I include a cover letter with my resume?
It is always a good idea to include a cover letter with your resume, as it allows you to personalize your application and highlight your interest in the position.

6. How do I tailor my resume for a specific college or university?
Research the college or university you are applying to and customize your resume to highlight relevant experiences and qualifications that align with their specific needs and values.

7. Should I include my GPA on my resume?
Including your GPA is optional. If your GPA is high and relevant to the position, you may choose to include it. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

8. Should I include non-related work experience on my resume?
If you have limited relevant work experience, including non-related work experience can still demonstrate skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. However, prioritize relevant experiences when possible.

9. How do I highlight my achievements on my resume?
Use specific examples and measurable results to showcase your achievements. For example, if you increased application rates or improved student satisfaction ratings, include those details in your resume.

10. How often should I update my resume?
It’s a good idea to update your resume regularly, especially after significant experiences or accomplishments. Keep your resume up to date to ensure it reflects your most current qualifications.


A well-crafted resume is an essential tool for a college admission counselor. By showcasing your qualifications, experience, and expertise, your resume can help you secure your dream job in college counseling. Use the resume examples provided in this blog as a guide, and remember to customize your resume to highlight your unique strengths and qualifications. Good luck with your college admission counselor resume! has a consumer rating of 4.83 stars on Sitejabber.

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