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When it comes to finding a job as an emergency room (ER) nurse, having a strong resume is essential. Your resume is your first introduction to potential employers and can determine whether or not you get called for an interview. As an ER nurse, your resume should highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications in a way that is clear and concise. In this blog, we will provide you with two resume examples for an ER nurse, address some frequently asked questions about ER nurse resume examples, and offer some final tips for creating a standout resume.

Resume Example 1: Experienced ER Nurse


Experienced ER nurse with 5+ years of experience providing quality patient care in a fast-paced emergency department. Skilled in triage, assessment, and treatment of acute and critically ill patients. Strong ability to remain calm in high-stress situations while effectively collaborating with a multidisciplinary team.


  • Cardiac Care: Proficient in caring for patients with cardiac emergencies, including heart attacks and arrhythmias.
  • Respiratory Care: Experienced in managing patients with respiratory distress and conditions like asthma and pneumonia.
  • Stroke Care: Knowledgeable in assessing and treating stroke patients.
  • Poison Control: Competent in managing cases of poisoning and toxic exposures.
  • Pediatric Emergency: Capable of providing care to pediatric patients in the emergency department.
  • Geriatric Care: Able to address the unique needs of elderly patients in emergency situations.
  • Infection Control: Skilled in infection prevention and control measures in the ER.


ER Nurse | XYZ Hospital

  • Provide direct patient care, including assessment, triage, and treatment of patients presenting to the emergency department.
  • Triage and prioritize patients according to acuity level, ensuring prompt and appropriate care.
  • Administer medications, start IVs, and provide wound care as needed.
  • Collaborate with physicians, specialists, and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement individualized treatment plans.
  • Maintain accurate and thorough documentation of patient assessments, treatments, and outcomes.
  • Assist with the orientation and training of new staff members.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing | ABC University

  • Graduated with honors.
  • Completed clinical rotations in various healthcare settings, including the emergency department.

Resume Example 2: New Graduate ER Nurse


Passionate and dedicated new graduate nurse with a strong desire to excel in the emergency department. Eager to apply recently acquired knowledge and skills to provide exceptional patient care. Committed to continuous learning and professional growth.


Emergency Room Clinical Rotation Hospital Name, City, State | Date – Date

  • Completed a comprehensive clinical rotation in the hospital’s emergency room during the nursing program.
  • Assisted experienced ER nurses in patient assessments, triage, and emergency care procedures.
  • Gained practical experience in monitoring vital signs, administering medications, and managing patient records using the hospital’s electronic health records (EHR) system.
  • Contributed to the efficient functioning of the ER team during high-stress situations.
  • Collaborated with healthcare providers to ensure the delivery of quality care to patients with various medical conditions.

Student Nurse Extern Emergency Department, Hospital Name, City, State | Date – Date

  • Supported the ER nursing team as a student nurse extern, providing essential assistance in a fast-paced environment.
  • Assisted with the assessment and documentation of patient data, including vital signs and medical history.
  • Participated in the triage process, learning to prioritize patient care based on severity and urgency.
  • Gained hands-on experience in administering medications, IV therapies, and wound care under the guidance of experienced nurses.
  • Contributed to patient education by explaining discharge instructions and follow-up care.

Clinical Practicum: Pediatrics ER Children’s Hospital Name, City, State | Date – Date

  • Completed a specialized clinical practicum in the pediatric emergency department, focusing on pediatric patients and their unique healthcare needs.
  • Assisted in the assessment and management of pediatric patients with various medical conditions, including respiratory distress, febrile seizures, and minor traumas.
  • Worked closely with pediatric ER nurses and physicians to ensure the well-being of young patients.
  • Gained exposure to pediatric-specific emergency treatments and protocols.
  • Provided emotional support to children and their families during challenging medical situations.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing | XYZ University

  • Graduated with Cum Laude honors.
  • Completed a comprehensive clinical practicum in the emergency department.
  • Developed skills in triage, assessment, and emergency procedures.
  • Participated in simulated emergency scenarios to enhance critical thinking and decision-making abilities.
  • Gained hands-on experience in providing patient care under the supervision of experienced ER nurses.


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Familiarity with emergency equipment and procedures.
  • Proficient in electronic medical record systems.
  • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills.


  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Certification
  • TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course) Certification
  • BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification

10 FAQs about Emergency Room Er Nurse Resume Examples

  1. How do I format my ER nurse resume? Your ER nurse resume should be formatted in a clean and professional manner. Use clear headings and bullet points to make it easy to read. Include relevant sections such as summary, experience, education, and skills.
  2. Should I include a cover letter with my resume? It is generally recommended to include a cover letter when applying for a job as an ER nurse. A cover letter allows you to expand on your qualifications and explain why you are a good fit for the position.
  3. What skills should I include on my ER nurse resume? Some important skills to include on your ER nurse resume are triage, assessment, emergency procedures, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.
  4. How far back should I go in my work experience section? Generally, it is best to include the past 5-10 years of work experience on your resume. However, if you have relevant experience from further back, you can include it if space allows.
  5. Should I include any certifications on my resume? Yes, include any relevant certifications you hold, such as Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
  6. How many pages should my ER nurse resume be? Your resume should ideally be one to two pages long. Keep it concise and relevant to the position you are applying for.
  7. Should I include references on my resume? It is not necessary to include references on your resume. Employers typically ask for references separately if they are interested in moving forward with your application.
  8. What should I include in my education section? Include the degree you earned, the name of the university or college, and the year of graduation. If you graduated with honors or received any notable achievements, you can mention them as well.
  9. How do I tailor my resume for a specific ER nurse job? To tailor your resume for a specific ER nurse job, carefully read the job description and highlight the skills and qualifications that align with what the employer is looking for. Customize your summary, experience, and skills sections to showcase your fit for the position.
  10. Should I include non-nursing work experience on my ER nurse resume? It is generally best to focus on your nursing experience and relevant healthcare work. However, if you have non-nursing work experience that demonstrates transferable skills, you can include it.


Creating a strong ER nurse resume is a crucial step in landing your dream job in the emergency department. By following the examples and tips provided in this blog, you can craft a resume that highlights your skills, experience, and qualifications effectively. Remember to tailor your resume for each job application and keep it concise and professional. With a standout resume, you will increase your chances of getting called for an interview and securing the position of an emergency room (ER) nurse.

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