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A neonatal nurse is a specialized healthcare professional who provides care for newborn babies. They work in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and provide critical care to premature and sick infants.

When applying for a neonatal nursing position, having a well-crafted resume is essential. A strong resume not only highlights your skills and qualifications but also showcases your passion for working with newborns and families.

In this blog post, we will provide two resume examples for a neonatal nurse, answer 10 frequently asked questions about neonatal nurse resume examples, and offer some tips on how to create an impressive resume for this specialized nursing field.

Resume Example 1: Experienced Neonatal Nurse

Full Name
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Phone Number
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Dedicated and compassionate neonatal nurse with 5+ years of experience in providing quality care to premature and critically ill infants in the NICU. Skilled in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care for neonates and their families. Recognized for exceptional clinical skills, strong attention to detail, and ability to communicate effectively with healthcare teams and families.


Neonatal Nurse
Hospital Name, City, State
Dates of Employment

  • Provide direct patient care to neonates in the NICU, including assessing vital signs, administering medications, and monitoring responses to treatment.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare teams to develop and implement individualized care plans for each patient.
  • Educate parents and family members on neonatal care procedures, feeding techniques, and the importance of bonding with their baby.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient outcomes and safety.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University Name, City, State
Year of Graduation

Resume Example 2: New Graduate Neonatal Nurse

Full Name
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Passionate and dedicated new graduate neonatal nurse seeking to start a career in the NICU. Possess strong foundational knowledge in neonatal nursing acquired through clinical rotations and coursework. Proven ability to provide compassionate care to neonates and support their families during a critical time. Skilled in assessing patient needs, administering medications, and implementing nursing care plans.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University Name, City, State
Year of Graduation

Clinical Experience

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Hospital Name, City, State
Dates of Clinical Experience

  • Provided direct nursing care to neonatal patients, including monitoring vital signs, administering medications, and assessing patient responses to treatment.
  • Assisted healthcare teams in implementing care plans and interventions for neonates in the NICU.
  • Participated in family-centered care by educating parents on newborn care techniques, supporting breastfeeding practices, and promoting parent-infant bonding.

10 FAQs about Neonatal Nurse Resume Examples

1. What should be included in a neonatal nurse resume?
A neonatal nurse resume should include your contact information, a summary statement, your relevant work experience in neonatal nursing or related fields, your education, any certifications obtained, and any additional skills or professional affiliations.

2. How do I highlight my skills on a neonatal nurse resume?
You can highlight your skills by including a dedicated “Skills” section in your resume or by incorporating them into your summary statement and work experience descriptions. Focus on skills specific to neonatal nursing, such as assessing and monitoring neonatal patients, administering medications, and providing family-centered care.

3. Should I include my clinical experience in a neonatal nurse resume?
Yes, it is important to include your clinical experience in a neonatal nurse resume, especially as a new graduate. Highlight your clinical rotations in neonatal intensive care units or any other relevant neonatal nursing experiences.

4. Can I include non-nursing work experience in my neonatal nurse resume?
While it is not necessary to include non-nursing work experience, you can mention transferable skills gained from non-nursing roles that may be relevant to neonatal nursing, such as communication skills, organization skills, or teamwork abilities.

5. Should I include references in my neonatal nurse resume?
It is not necessary to include references in your resume. However, you can mention that references are available upon request.

6. Should I write a cover letter to accompany my neonatal nurse resume?
A cover letter is not mandatory but can be beneficial in expressing your interest in the position and elaborating on specific experiences or skills that may not fit in your resume.

7. How do I tailor my neonatal nurse resume for a specific job posting?
Read the job posting carefully and identify the key skills and qualifications the employer is looking for. Customize your resume to highlight those skills and experiences that align with the job requirements.

8. Should I include a photograph in my neonatal nurse resume?
It is generally not recommended to include a photograph in your resume, as it is not relevant to your qualifications as a neonatal nurse.

9. What format should I use for my neonatal nurse resume?
Use a clean and professional format, such as reverse-chronological or functional format, to organize your resume effectively. Consider using bullet points to make it easy to read and scan.

10. How do I make my neonatal nurse resume stand out?
To make your resume stand out, focus on your unique experiences, skills, and achievements in neonatal nursing. Use strong action verbs and specific examples to demonstrate your capabilities, and proofread carefully to ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies.


Creating a compelling neonatal nurse resume is crucial for landing a job in this specialized nursing field. Whether you are an experienced neonatal nurse or a new graduate, tailor your resume to highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications. Make sure to proofread your resume carefully and customize it for each job application to increase your chances of success. With a well-crafted resume, you can showcase your passion for neonatal nursing and make a positive impact on the lives of newborns and their families. has a consumer rating of 4.83 stars on Sitejabber.

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