How to Write a Resume in 2023? The Complete Guide

how to write your resume

“How to Write a Resume” A resume is a key component to showcase your skills, experience and education.


Resume creation, it is a daunting task to write your own resume.


So, we are here to help you and guide you step by step in this endeavor –


  • You will need to resume to apply for jobs.
  • Looking to create a resume for free online or a free resumes builder?
  • Resume is the “first impression” of you on the hiring manager.
  • Your abilities and capabilities will be listed on a professional resume for an employer to see—clearly, persuasively, and promptly.
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How to Write a Resume – Basic Steps 


Step 1: Select your template type chronological, functional and combination


1. Chronological

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Chronological resumes emphasize consistency.


This approach focuses on the accomplishments you made in each role you had.


Consequently, chronological resume places lot of emphasis on your background of school and employment.


Additionally, it demonstrates your professional growth and progress. Businesses frequently use this format for resumes.


How to write a Resume – Chronological

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  • Include your most recent employment first. 
          Thus, it is listed in chronological sequence, starting with the most recent job.


  • For each employment, include dates but omit the day Example Jul 2010 – Aug 2012). 
           so that it accurately reflects your dates.


  • List the major responsibilities and achievements of each employment in brief. 
           Therefore, the hiring managers will become familiar with your position and duties.


  • Include duties and achievements that are relevant to the position you are applying for. 
          Because of this, your CV will be more pertinent.

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2. How to write a Resume – Functional

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A functional resume puts the emphasis on your talents and experience rather than your employment history and job titles.

Then, based on your professional attributes or skill sets, it produces a profile of your experience.

Your professional background often follows, albeit with less specificity than on a chronological resume.

People with gaps in their employment history, those changing careers, and those with little work experience use it most frequently.

Additionally, functional resumes are often not preferred by companies because they do not highlight your employment history or professional development.

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How to write a Resume – Functional


  • Use if you often change jobs, have employment gaps, or are changing careers.
  • Point out your qualifications.
  • Emphasize your transferable skills.
  • Don’t include the dates of employment.


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3. Combination

Skill based resume

The best aspects of both the functional (where abilities are mentioned first) and traditional chronological (where dates are written in reverse order) resumes are merged in combination 
(or combined) resume.
resume could also be referred to as skills-based resume at that point. 
Therefore, resume is effective for both entry-level candidates and those with extensive experience who require better resume.

Work on resume

When to write a Resume – Combination


  • Use when changing careers
  • Highlight your skills and education over experience

Resume skills and education

Step 2: Choose a template

A resume template is the format in which you will create your resume.


So this is important for you to select a format which is clean in design.


But don’t go for icons or fancy fonts or characters in your resume. Resume for every design


Fonts such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Century Gothic, Bookman Old Style, Helvetica etc. are not recommended.


You need to adjust the margins so that it is printer friendly. So, that your resume looks clean and tidy.


Though, these templates will look good to you but they are rejected by the Application Tracking System Software (ATS) because it is used by organization to filter and scan resumes.


Don’t fall for these resume templates.


how to write your resume - example templateResume template


Step 3: Your Contact Information


Your recruiter needs to way to contact you and you need to provide a contact information.


This helps the recruiter to reach you. So, you will no share this information.

Resume contact information

Keep few things in mind –

a) Keep your email professional. “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”.

Use an email domain like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc. instead of temporary emails.

b) Your voice mailbox should be professional.

c) It is good to add your phone number and keep it available.

Resume for my profession

Step 4: How to write a resume – “Professional Summary”!


Yes, you shouldn’t write your “Professional Summary” and “Title” at this point of time.


This is should be your last step when you create your resume.


So, that you are fully prepared to give your best.


Your Professional Summary is the first impression of you and you need to impress the hiring manager.


You need to concentrate and keep your focus. Professional summary for resume


All you need is to write all your achievements in a piece of paper and rephrase it.


Then it will be more than couple of iterations to achieve the right content.


So, don’t lose hope and keep on working on it. But, it shouldn’t take more than 3 to 5 days to complete this section.


Also we will need this many times over and over if you are applying for varied jobs. So, don’t over do it.


But, it is advised to go for similar jobs and then moving to others if you don’t succeed.


So, let’s move to the next step.


Step 5: How to draft the – Work Experience And Education

Resume work experience

Now, it is the time to add your work experience. Briefly describe the projects, role and team size if applicable.


Our resume builder provides resume help free and use free resume templates online to create my resume free.

experienceResume builder


You then add your education – “College Name -City – Degree – Year”, you could also add your brief details about honors etc.

educationWrite resume education section



Step 6: How to add the – Skills


You need to do some research of the jobs you are looking to apply. You need to take these steps –


a) Create a group of similar jobs. Then there many be many groups but keep similar jobs in a group.

b) Compare your skills with the skills required. So, that you match one to one.

c) Then choose the jobs that you are eligible.

d) Now, add your skills to match the job which you are looking to apply for.

The above steps need to be applied before each group of job application.

Step 7: Additional Sections (Optional)


There may be a need to add few more sections to your resume. So can write  a resume to impress the hiring manger.


Example :-



The above is an example of additional sections. So, this is a good way to draw attention of the recruiter and add more relevance to the job applied.


And now you know “How to Write a Resume” and So, we have some more tips for you.


Bonus Tips


  1. Talk about your achievements in bulleted points in the Professional Summary section.
  2. Use of action verbs and power words is important.
  3. Space is Gold, use less words to impress your recruiter.
  4. Your resume should be relevant to the applied job. So, you need to check skills and professional summary to match.
  5. Don’t use fancy fonts, icons or underline every word. So that your resume application is not rejected by ATS.
  6. Font size is important for you too.
  7. Check the printer margins.
  8. Be yourself.

Resume for the new job seekers


You can choose a free resume builder and download tool and make free resume without paying i.e. free resume builder no credit card.

The best way is to take time to write your new resume.


  1. Professional summary is your first impression and then you need to link your experience and education to match the organization and the requirements of the job.
  2. Put your most relevant key skills first and keep it simple.
  3. Show your achievements to match the job description.


All the best!

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