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A resume is a piece of document or the first step of a job search. Your resume is a written compilation of your education, work history, accomplishments which is used for job application. Resume is your "first impression" when you apply for a job.

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Choose from 100+ résumé templates to make a resume free. Use our free resume builder to build resume and download your free resume.

It will guide you on every step to generate your résumé that has landed thousands of people new jobs.

You can choose the "Free Download" resume template and then create a resume for free that will allow you download free resumes.

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Build Free Resume Online - Create a Resume for Free

Build free resume builder and download tool offers:

  1. Simple and easy guided steps. Fill in the details and the templates will generate accordingly.
  2. ATS compliant & HR approved templates loved by all employers and help in application process.

    Then make your modern résumé from professionally-designed resume templates.

  3. Content ready for every industry with expert resume creation tips.

    Our pre-written bullet point format for career history, key skills, educational experiences will improve your application document.

    However, you only need to modify templates, copy & write your changes.

There is only a limited number of words to express. So, you've maximum few pages to spare and you want it to attract the hiring manager.

In other words, even a qualified experience professional faces the daunting task of creating his résumé.

Example:- Make "basic" résumé with no payment with our free resume builder and download tool.

To clarify, we help experienced professionals in creating their own résumé.

So there is no need to worry, and you will make your résumé in minutes and then resume download with ease.

Always check the job boards and keep a real time actionable resume ready.

You don’t want your career to go down and miss dream opportunity.

So, the document you create should reflect all your past experiences to match the applied job.

Above all, there is always enough information in the samples to do the right work.

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Build Free Resume: Free Resume Builder And Download Online

When you start your career you may take any job. But, there is always a job that you wanted badly.

In addition, build résumé with a professional builder and it is what you need to accelerate your career.

So our free resume builder and download editor aligns with you to provide the awesome resume in the entire industry and will always help you.

For instance, our simple and easy guided steps. Help at each and every step.

Our 24x7 support team and just over 28 templates which you can customize in less than 10 minutes.

Above all, hiring managers have recommended these templates for every job industry.

Now, you know that this is not any ordinary document but will reflect your career.

In short the HR has only a few seconds to select or reject your application.

So, the HR department is looking for the right candidate for the job. Meanwhile you’re looking for the perfect job.

However, this one or two page document will ensure the HR that you’re really capable and the right fit.

On the other hand, this is really simple when you use our online free resume builder and download software to build free resume.

Certainly, things are simple with an easy résumé app. So, let’s leap your career to the next level. You can easily create a resume for free.

Let’s get started now.

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Free Templates For Resume

The basic resume template is free for resume creation and also download it for free.

Build Free Resume: What Are The Best Resume Writing Tips From the Experts?

Our motto is to help you build resumes with our free resume builder and download it for free.

We provide you guidance on each step to write the best resume.

Choose from hundreds of resume customization options and you can make a resume free without paying any fees.

Over the years we have worked with a team of resume experts, recruiters, data scientist, engineers and designers to come with a resume generator which any person can use with zero or no technical knowledge.

We'll know share the best tips which our resume expert team has come up and this will help you land interviews!

You can also import your current resume to Google docs or Microsoft word and make changes to your standard resume.

One-page resume is a comprehensive resume for your prospective employers.

How to do a resume on my phone?

No special tool required and you can use our free resume builder to create a resume for free on your phone or tablet too.

How to make a resume for free?

1. In a professional resume, avoid referring "You" directly in your resume

Simply put Avoid I and My. Because your resume is about your professional life, you don’t need to write the words I and my in

your career highlights or profile statement in a job-winning resume. But if you're doing so then for every statement is repetitious

and clutters your resume with unnecessary words.

2. Free Resume Templates with profile statement or Professional summary.

You introduce yourself in the profile statement or professional summary to your dream company.

It describes the core values you can offer to the organization and your key achievements.

The primary purpose here is to give prospective hiring managers a quick, high-level, idea of who you are (professionally!) and

what you can do for them. You can insert our pre-written bullet points and then modify them as per the requirements of employers.

Highly experienced professional with key strengths in management and team leadership. Motivated, fast learner with effective communication skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills in a variety of working environments, including human resource and research organizations.

3. Build resume with incomplete sentences

Most recruiters can manually scan resumes in less than 20 seconds and then reading them. One of the tricks is not really a trick at all, but a

simple use of words and not to complicate things. Mention the details as per the requirements of employers. Some people might have a problem with this, because from grade school through college,

we are taught to write complete sentences. But it is perfectly acceptable to construct your resume with incomplete sentences.

In fact, it' is the preferred method, which makes it relatively easy to avoid words I and my.

4. Keep it Concise. Use our resume builder for resume help.

Concise writing means saying everything you need to in as few words as possible. Resume should be short but should reflect your profile.

Employers have lots to do, so don't make the mistake of asking them to read through an unnecessarily long resume.

A long, wordy resume will put off someone who is already short on time.

Resumes should be one page if possible, and two if absolutely necessary to describe relevant work experience.

A two-page resume is no advantage if it's full of information that isn’t reasonably applicable to the position you’re applying for.

5. Choose words wisely

You are going to disclose your professional profile to your future employer and you should be responsible for your words.

Keep your writing simple, focus on career goals and your words precise.

It’s more direct, easier to read and you can’t always count on your audience knowing technical terms. But you should make your resume

simple that everyone could understand the work you have accomplished and without any uphill climb to understand it.

Career experts want you to write matching the job description bullet points and avoid any optional sections if not relevant.

6. Build Resume with Fewer Words

Your use of language is extremely important; you need to sell yourself to an employer quickly and efficiently. Weak verbs add clutter to writing.

Often, one strong word can replace two weak ones. Address your potential employer’s needs with clearly written, powerful phrases.

You should write smaller paragraphs maximum 6 to 7 lines.

7. Use "action verbs" like

· Achieved · Acquired · Adapted · Addressed · Administered · Analyzed · Anticipated · Assembled · Assisted · Audited · Budgeted

· Calculated · Centralized · Changed · Collaborated · Composed · Condensed · Conducted · Drafted · Edited · Eliminated

· Enforced · Established · Evaluated · Expanded · Explained · Forecasted · Formed · Founded · Generated

· Guided · Hired · Implemented · Improved · Informed · Insured · Originated · Oversaw · Performed · Planned · Prevented · Produced

· Programmed · Promoted · Provided · Publicized · Recruited · Reorganized · Reported · Researched · Resolved · Reviewed etc.

8. Avoid passive constructions

You should use active voice which is stronger and more active. You shouldn't fall trap to use the passive constructions,

such as “was responsible for leading teams.” It is not only more efficient to say “Led team,” but

it is also more powerful and stronger way to mention your work accomplishments.

9. Build resume with no qualifiers

A qualifier is a word or phrase that changed how absolute, certain or generalized a statement is.

Qualifiers like some, most, all, none, occasionally, sometimes, now and again, usually, always, never, etc.. They often fail to add meaning,

so avoid them. Using fewer words is more emphatic.

10. Don’t be vague when building a resume.

You should always describe things that can be measured objectively. This is important for you not to miss any accomplishments and

not to add any vague statements. Employers will feel more comfortable hiring you if they can verify your accomplishments.

11. Be positive

You should show positives in your resume and if there is any negative words then removing negatives will also help to reduce wordiness.

12. You should be honest

You should be honest in your resume and never lie about anything. There is a difference between making the most of your experience and exaggerating or falsifying it.

13. Don't neglect your resume design

Yes, it is important to choose your resume layout wisely. You need to select your resume template which will reflect your profession

and doesn't overdo. The resume should reflect your professional character and it should sell your skills, experience and qualification.

Your resume is the first impression you will make on your future employer, and a successful resume depends on more than what you say.

So, always be ready with a proper copy of your resume.

14. Check your words

You should check your words carefully and should always read it multiple times for any grammatical mistakes.

It is important that you check your resume for proper grammar and correct spelling- evidence of good communication skills and attention to detail.

This will help your future employer to take a decision in selection your resume for an interview.

15. Build Resume with well spaced margins

You shouldn't neglect the margins of your resume. The resume should fit the printable area whether the paper size is "Letter or A4".

The most well spaced resume margins are 1” on the top and bottom 1.25” on the sides. You shouldn’t cram your text onto the page

and always leave the recommended spaces. Allow for some breathing room between the different sections.

16. No fancy fonts

Yes, you should be careful about using the fonts on your resume. Your resume is a document which is a representation of

your professional achievements and you need to keep this document professional. Avoid unusual or exotic font styles;

use simple fonts with a professional look.

17. Define your resume sections

You should always label the various sections of your resume. Labelling your resume sections clearly will help the recruiter or

the hiring manager to read thoroughly and collect the required information.

18. Clearly mention your experience

You need to clearly mention your work history and if possible write few lines about the role & the responsibility. It is good if you can

mention the start date and end date with month & year with the location of the organization.

This gives the employer more confidence about your work history. Also, keep the same format of the month - year in all your

experiences. e.g. 04/2012 - 04/2022 or April 2012 to April 2022 etc.

19. Clearly mention your skills

You need to highlight your skills which will help the hiring managers to match to their requirements. If the organization is looking

for professional with good computer skills or good writing skills or patient care etc. it should be mentioned in the skills section.

You can also omit the the skills section if you can design the professional summary or profile statement or experience summary to cover it.

20. Educational qualifications

Your educational qualification is one of the primary reasons for your resume selection. This section is used to profile and highlight

your education in terms of completed degrees, diplomas, certificates, or any of the above that are still in progress.

You should also include any evening programs that you are enrolled in.

21. Contact information

You should clearly mention the contact information that you wish to share with your employer. A cell phone or home phone or

your email id is required in your resume so that the hiring manager could reach you. Be careful about sharing

your email or phone i.e. the email should be professional and phone should sound decent.

22. Be Clear. Specific. Straight forward.

Always be clear and emphasize what you can do for an employer. You should be specific. When you are going after more than

one job opening, customize your resume accordingly to match the requirement of experience employers.

Job seekers need job-winning resume for effective job interviews. Resume samples can help creation of resume from scratch with

effective resume layouts to make impressive resumes. . It helps to tailor your resume for a specific position.

Do remember to only include the experience that is relevant to the job.

23. Exclude unnecessary things

You shouldn't share your passport details, family details, siblings information, date of birth and other information in your resume.

Space is precious in your resume and you should avoid any Superfluous details. Adding the unnecessary details can

take up a lot of valuable space on your resume. Parsing resumes in the hiring process for professional

experience or skills is part of recruitment and so a clean resume is a must.

24. Email your resume

When you are ready with your electronic resume then you can use a professional mailbox like gmail, yahoo, live etc. to compose

your email(avoid lengthy applications) where you can attach the pdf resume version (recommended pdf format) of

your resume or share the link of the html resume hosted on a website.

Your email subject should be clear with your job title, experience etc. e.g. "Salesman With 12 years experience".

Also, you can rename your resume - e.g. "John_Salesman_12_years_experience.pdf" which is an instant attention to your hiring manager.



1. What is a résumé?

A résumé is a self-introduction of your career. Which when created properly, shows how your skills, experience, and education

match the requirements of the job you want.


2. What is the best résumé format?

There are 3 résumé formats: Chronological or Reverse-chronological, Functional (or skills-based) and Combination (or hybrid or chrono-functional).

Reverse-chronological - However, this one's the most common and practical résumé format.


3. What's a résumé template style?

The résumé template style is the format of your résumé. Then next big thing is to select the template style for your resumes.

A chronological résumé is often the preferred format for most employers simply because it is the most common and,

therefore, the most recognizable. Further, this template directly emphasizes specific professional capabilities and

utilizes experience summaries as its primary means of communicating professional competency.

In addition, our software engine analyses your job field and generates the perfect résumé for you.

There are more than 100 templates and 1000's of template customization options to opt from the builder.


4. Where can I make a resume for no payment?

In short,, our online resume application, lets you create your entry level resume or basic résumé for

no payment. That is to say, it is the recommended résumé app to create your first résumé.

Amazing resume with simple steps to select professional templates, enter email address, personal preference, help with expert tips,

resume examples, expert resume creation tips and easy resume download.


5. What are the best free resume builder and download websites?

Some of the best free resumewebsites are: where you can build free resume, -

resume website with premium résumé templates and - is a good résumé website.


6. How do I make my own résumé?

Visit then choose "Build your résumé now" to create a resume for free. After that, please follow the

on screen instruction choose template and enter details on each step. Then download your résumé now.


7. Do you need to make payment to download resume from

In short, no, you can create resume from our free resume builder and download your résumé without any payment.

Firstly, start with the basic beautiful document template which allows you to save your résumé in PDF/HTML without payment.

In addition, there are premium template versions too.

8. How to create an attractive résumé?

Go to, which is the best place to build, print, download and email your résumé online without any payment.

Most importantly, it provides content for your résumé and also helps you step by step with tips & videos.

Use our software to create resumes with free, designer-made templates super fast in under 10 minutes!

Make a basic document résumé or entry-level resume with no payment.


9. How does work?

Creating beautiful resume is easy with’s. Build your hirable résumé in 3 easy steps:

  1. Firstly, choose a professional résumé template to make a resume free.
  2. Secondly, no need to fill the blanks, we provide professional written résumé examples content for your resumes.

    You can easily customize it to match your profile.

  3. Finally, print, download and email your professional-formatted design layout!

Select Basic template to build a resume and you can download résumé 100% no payment.The best resume app

will always guide you to success. Above all, you should remember that you should create one résumé for one job only!


10. Why select

Our online software is one of the resume makers that will help you land more interviews. We're here to help you and so, we offer

text and basic pdf resumes 100% no payment for life to all.

In addition, our software will guide you step-by-step on how to build a résumé using resume template, content written by résumé experts

and videos. So, use our tool to create resumes that make you will standout from the rest. Write your résumé by selecting your template now!


11. What are the benefits of a paid subscription with

For example: with a paid subscription you can select premium template. Then you can create as many resumes as you want, download in

Text, HTML or PDF, print, email directly to your recruiters and reviews by specialists. Truly, among the best resume apps.

12. What's the best resume app?

Firstly, our resume wizard offers "basic" template with no payment i.e. create resume on phone or table or PC or laptop from our

free resume builder and download for free. Also it has the best paid options for most people.

Buildfreeresume generates best resumes in the industry. Above all,

it is among the best resume software to land more interviews.

13. Do I need a cover letter with job application?

Yes, a well written letter will sell yourself as the ideal candidate to the employer. Many recruiters don't read the letter but it good to send one.

Our advice is to check the business or employers history and collect data information about the company.

When you include specific keywords in your letter will help you.

14. What if I need a matching cover letters for my résumé?

If you need a matching letter for your résumé , then buildfreeresume provides the best letters. With our résumé maker,

the letter builder is included. Our letter creation is simple with examples for all jobs.

The copy is ready with each letter examples. Only you need to insert the copy examples to your letter sections.

15. What should be the perfect length of the cover letter?

The letter is a one-page document which is generally attached with your résumé. The length should be between 250 to 400 words.

16. What should be the length of the résumé?

The length of the résumé should be 1 page for most applicants. Build free resume builder and download within the page limits.

Create a resume for free.

17. How long can the résumé be?

The résumé is usually 1 page long but can be more than 1 page depending on the level of skills or experience.

18. Does writing long résumé matters?

When you've more skills or work experience and it can't be summarized is 1 or 2 pages then we can write a long résumé .

Then try to concise the skills and focus on primary skills. You can do your resume on phone or any other device.

It is easy to make a resume free on any device.

19. Is two page résumé good for 10 years of experience?

It depends on your work experience and skills acquired. Examples of candidate which work in a single company and few skills

then your résumé shouldn't exceed 1 page.

20. How many jobs should I list on my résumé?

You can list 10-15 years of relevant work history on your résumé . If you've frequently changed companies, then just 10 years will suffice.

21. Should I put a couple of months job in my résumé?

Is this your first job or you've contributed significantly then you should mention this job in your résumé.

22. How does my subscription looks on my credit card statement?

On your statement, look for this text: “INTERNETCOM”.

23. How do I cancel my subscription?

There are multiple ways to cancel your subscription:

  1. Write an email to [email protected] with the subject "Billing Unsubscribe".
  2. Visit our support page and selection Subject as "Billing".
  3. "Sign in" to login to your account > "Dashboard" > Profile > Bottom right button "Unsubscribe".

24. How do I deactivate my account?

  1. Write an email to [email protected] with the subject "deactivate my account".
  2. Visit our support page and selection Subject as "deactivate my account".
  3. "Sign in" to login to your account > "Dashboard" > Profile > Bottom left button "Deactivate Account".

25. How do I delete my account with all data?

  1. Write an email to [email protected] with the subject "Delete my account".
  2. Visit our support page and selection Subject as "Delete my account".
  3. For your convenience, you can make modifications to your account online without contacting customer service.
    "Sign in" to login to your account > "Dashboard" > Profile > Bottom right button "Delete Account".