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How to choose the right cv templates?

What is a cv template?

A cv template is a industry standards for job application that help you design your cv. So your cv is a self-introduction that, when created properly, shows how your skills, experience, and education match the requirements of the job you want.

Then the next big thing is to select the template style for the cv. So this format directly emphasizes specific professional capabilities.

Also it utilizes experience summaries as its primary means of communicating professional competency. Then our cv builder software engine analyses your job field and generates the perfect template for you.

Also there are more than 100 templates and 1000's of customization options to choose from the cv builder.

Why should I use one?

Our cv template is ATS friendly, which is easy to scan, and it will help the hiring manager to make sure that you're the right candidate. When you're seeking for better jobs and chasing your dreams. Then our cv templates will help you land more interviews.

So it is recommended for every individual who is seeking for a better future. Also it is important to choose the right job and the one which makes you happy.

Professional cv templates

This is a good cv template for the corporates. So a professional cv will sell your profile in a way to standout from the crowd. Then whether you are a start-up or settled business or CEO or a former owner, you will need your cv to showcase the best in you.

Who’ll benefit from a professional cv template?

When you're seeking for executives, management, entrepreneur, or administrative then professional cv template is a must. So always use this format to land more interviews.

Classical cv templates

The layout is classical and traditional and it a formal cv template. So these cv templates have easy to understand design and always look perfect when printed, you can choose this template when applying to a position at a traditional company.

Who’ll benefit from a classical cv template?

When you're seeking for public relations or governments jobs the classic cv template should be used. But don't forget to use this format to better interviews.

Simple cv templates

These templates are great designs for a job in traditional field that deals with population. Also our simple cv builder will help you choose best cv template that attract hiring managers and match your skills and professional summary. Then choose from our wide range of simple cv templates.

Who’ll benefit from a simple cv template?

When you're a professional who is applying for jobs in the healthcare, education or any government sector then the simple cv template is recommended. Also it grabs the hiring manager attention which will help you land more interviews.

Modern cv templates

A modern cv template uses the modern fonts, easy appealing design with the best way to present your cv to recruiters. So our modern cv templates has helped thousands of aspiring candidates to land more interviews.

Who’ll benefit from a modern cv template?

Modern cv templates are suitable for professionals in the fields of advance engineering, software development or other technical professions.

Creative cv templates

Creative resumes are a great way to show off your creative design skills and stand out from the other applicants. Also there is a thin line between creative resumes and a designers template. But, most of the cv writers and builders fail to distinguish between them. Then unfortunately, most designer's template which are not creative cv templates annoy recruiters and don't pass the Application Tracking System(ATS). So if you are in a creative profession then do check our creative cv templates.

Who’ll benefit from a creative cv template?

When you're a creative designer, actor, photographer or writer this template format will help you showcase your skills.

Student or high school cv templates

Student or high school student resume is for student leaving high school or studying in high school. So this cv template help colleges with a brief introduction of your accomplishments, extracurriculars, hobbies, and work history. Also you can use them as recommendation which helps you get into colleges.

Who’ll benefit from a student or high school cv template?

When a student is seeking admission to college, internship or part-time jobs.

Academic cv template

Your academic cv should be used to apply only for academic jobs. So you will need to record of all your academic and professional achievements. Also this template helps the individual to showcase skills and areas of expertise. Then there is a ton of recommended content copy for this template format.

Who’ll benefit from a academic cv template?

When you're applying for teaching jobs in school, colleges etc.

Minimalist cv template

A Minimalist Resume format focuses on your achievements and keep your resumes simple enough to meet your goals. So it will help you to apply for traditional organizations. Also it may be used by individual who has limited experience and looking for a job in the traditional brick & mortar industry.

Who’ll benefit from a minimalist cv template?

When applying for government jobs or social service etc. the minimalist cv template is highly recommended. So always choose this template when apply for these jobs.

Graphical or Infographic cv templates

A Graphical cv or Infographic resume will display your skills or achievements in a graphical format. But these resumes use extensive use of graphical icons or images to showcase the professional career.

Who’ll benefit from a Graphical or Infographic cv template?

When you're in certain careers then only you should consider using a graphical cv design. So these include web designers, advertising specialists, artists, and graphic designers. If you don’t work in these fields, stay away from using a creative format, and instead opt for a simple cv template. So these resumes are not ATS complaint and will be rejected by cv scanning robots.

What we recommend for web designers, artists, graphic designers etc.?

When you're are applying for the above mentioned jobs then a colorful cv format is recommended. So a Colorful cv Format is a great choice because it strikes the sweet spot of simplicity and creativity. Then the color highlights hits the hiring manager attention to details.

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