Letter of recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a reference letter that confirms a person is who they say, what qualifications they possess, or characteristics or skills they have acquired with experience or

knowledge. The letter of recommendation is required to join many jobs or as a student for college admission. So let’s explore the letter of recommendation.



What to include in a letter of recommendation?

Things to include in the letter of recommendation:

1. Address/Company name/School etc. Date if physical letter and no need for email.

2. Salutation or greetings of one line.

3. Opener paragraph where you will write how you know the person and why the person qualified for the position (job or admission).

4. Body paragraph is the display the characteristics and skills of the person. What the person has accomplished?

5. Summary paragraph where you put more emphasis on the recommendation and how the person will be an asset.

6. Closing with a one liner and your signature.


How to write a strong reference letter?

Steps that will you to write a strong reference letter are list below:

1. Firstly, you have to decide whether you want to recommend that person or not. If you are not willing or the person is not capable that no need to write recommendation.

2. Learn to say NO. It is perfectly fine to say no when don’t know the capabilities or skills of that person.

3. When you are confirmed and sure about a person then try to learn more about the person.

4. Speak to the person to know more about the skills and qualifications.

5. Also do some research on your side, may be social media or gather more information from his colleagues.

6. Avoid unwanted descriptions about the person.

7. Be direct and specific. So this letter is for someone who is a responsible position and writing concrete will help them decide future of the candidate.

8. This is one page letter and don’t stretch it.

9. Organize the letter chronologically and check grammar/typo.

10. Please arrange your timetable and give ample time to write this letter. A person’s career depends on this letter.


What should be written in a reference letter?

A reference letter should include about you, who you are, also how you are connected, what skills or experience or qualifications they possess.


What is LOR for student?

LOR is a letter of recommendation or letter of reference. A student seeking admission in a college or university requires a LOR. This letter helps the admission

committee to know more about the student.

How does a recommendation letter work?

A reference letter is usually written by teacher or professor for a student. A hiring manager or human resource manager will write for an employee. For student it is to seek

admission and for an employee is to get a job. It works as a process of verification for the person for his qualification or character or skill set or experience.



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