Writing a Resume for Freelancers and Gig Workers


In today’s gig economy, more and more people are choosing to work as freelancers and gig workers. The flexibility and freedom that comes with this type of work is appealing, but it also presents unique challenges when it comes to creating a resume. Unlike traditional resumes that highlight a long-term career trajectory, freelancers and gig workers need to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements in a different way. In this blog post, we will explore the key elements of creating a resume specifically tailored for freelancers and gig workers.

FAQs about Writing a Resume for Freelancers and Gig Workers

1. Should freelancers and gig workers have a traditional resume layout?

While the basic structure of a resume remains the same, freelancers and gig workers can benefit from a more flexible layout. Instead of a chronological approach, consider using a functional resume format to highlight relevant skills and accomplishments.

2. What information should be included in the resume?

Include your contact information, a summary or objective statement, relevant skills, your work experience, and any relevant certifications, awards, or achievements. If applicable, also include a portfolio or links to your work samples.

3. How can freelancers and gig workers showcase their skills?

Instead of a traditional skills section, create a separate section where you highlight specific projects or tasks you have successfully completed. This way, you can demonstrate your abilities through real examples rather than simply listing skills.

4. How important is it to include a summary or objective statement?

Regardless of your work status, a well-crafted summary or objective statement can help employers quickly understand your expertise and what you can bring to the table. Tailor it to align with the specific job or client you are targeting.

5. Is it necessary to include every gig or freelance project in the work experience section?

While it is important to showcase relevant work experience, it is not necessary to include every single project. Focus on projects that align with the job or client you are applying to and highlight the most important aspects of each project.

6. Should freelancers and gig workers mention the platforms they work through?

If you primarily find gigs or clients through a specific platform like Upwork or Fiverr, it can be helpful to mention this in your resume. It showcases your ability to navigate online marketplaces and may also provide social proof from client feedback.

7. How can freelancers and gig workers address gaps in their work history?

Freelancers and gig workers often have gaps in their work history due to the nature of their work. Instead of leaving these gaps unexplained, use them as an opportunity to highlight ongoing professional development, skill-building activities, or personal projects.

8. How can freelancers and gig workers demonstrate their reliability and professionalism?

Include testimonials or positive reviews from previous clients in your resume to demonstrate your professionalism and reliability. This provides social proof and boosts your credibility as a freelancer or gig worker.

9. Should freelancers and gig workers tailor their resumes for each job or client?

Yes, it is essential to tailor your resume for each job or client you are applying to. Take the time to understand the specific job requirements or client preferences and customize your resume accordingly.

10. Is it necessary to provide references on a resume as a freelancer or gig worker?

Including references on your resume is not necessary unless specifically requested by the employer or client. Instead, have a separate document ready with references and provide it upon request.


Crafting a resume as a freelancer or gig worker requires a different approach compared to traditional resumes. By showcasing your skills, accomplishments, and experience in a way that aligns with the specific job or client you are targeting, you can stand out in a competitive market. Remember to tailor your resume for each opportunity, highlight your reliability and professionalism, and provide evidence of your expertise through examples and testimonials. With a well-crafted resume, freelancers and gig workers can effectively communicate their value and increase their chances of securing their desired gigs or clients.

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