Massage Therapist Resume Examples


A massage therapist is a professional who provides therapeutic massages to clients to help them relax and relieve stress. To land a job as a massage therapist, it is essential to have an attractive and well-written resume that highlights your skills, qualifications, and experience. In this blog, we will provide you with massage therapist resume examples to guide you in creating your own impressive resume.

Massage Therapist Resume Examples

Here are two examples of massage therapist resumes to give you an idea of how to format and write your own resume:

Example 1:

A highly skilled and experienced massage therapist with a passion for promoting wellness and providing exceptional service to clients. Proficient in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for all clients.

– Knowledge of anatomy and physiology
– Ability to customize massage treatments based on client needs
– Strong customer service skills
– Proficient in using massage oils and lotions
– Ability to maintain a clean and organized work area
– Excellent time management and organizational skills

Massage Therapist, ABC Spa, City, State
– Provided therapeutic massages to clients to help them relax and relieve muscle tension
– Utilized a variety of massage techniques to meet individual client needs
– Conducted initial consultations with clients to determine any specific areas of concern
– Maintained records of client treatments and progress
– Assisted in marketing and promoting the spa’s massage services

– Certified Massage Therapist, XYZ School of Massage, City, State
– Completed courses in anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques

Example 2:

A dedicated and compassionate massage therapist with a strong desire to help clients achieve optimal wellness. Experienced in providing both relaxation and therapeutic massages. Strong knowledge of various massage techniques, including deep tissue, prenatal, and sports massage. Exceptional interpersonal skills, making clients feel comfortable and at ease during treatments.

– Excellent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
– Proficient in various massage techniques
– Ability to create customized treatment plans based on client needs
– Strong communication and interpersonal skills
– Relaxation and stress reduction techniques
– Time management and organization skills

Massage Therapist, DEF Wellness Center, City, State
– Provided therapeutic massages to clients to address specific areas of concern
– Utilized deep tissue and trigger point therapy techniques to relieve muscle tension
– Assisted in creating individualized treatment plans for clients with chronic pain conditions
– Maintained accurate and up-to-date client records
– Educated clients on self-care techniques to enhance the benefits of the massage treatments

– Certified Massage Therapist, GHI School of Massage, City, State
– Completed courses in anatomy, physiology, and various massage techniques

10 FAQs about Massage Therapist Resume Examples

1. What should be included in a massage therapist resume?
– Contact information
– Summary or objective statement
– Skills section
– Work experience
– Education and certifications

2. How long should a massage therapist resume be?
– Ideally, a massage therapist resume should be one to two pages long.

3. Should I include references on my massage therapist resume?
– It is not necessary to include references on your resume. You can provide references upon request during the interview process.

4. How should I format my massage therapist resume?
– Use a professional and clean format with clear headings and bullet points to organize your information.

5. Should I include a photo on my resume?
– It is generally not recommended to include a photo on a resume, unless specifically asked for by the employer.

6. Does my resume need to be tailored for each job application?
– It is recommended to customize your resume for each job application by highlighting relevant skills and experience.

7. Can I include non-massage therapy work experience on my resume?
– Yes, you can include non-massage therapy work experience if it showcases transferable skills or highlights your work ethic and professionalism.

8. How should I showcase my skills on my massage therapist resume?
– Create a separate skills section and list relevant skills such as knowledge of anatomy, proficiency in different massage techniques, and excellent customer service skills.

9. Should I include my GPA in the education section of my resume?
– Unless you are a recent graduate with a high GPA, it is generally not necessary to include your GPA on your resume.

10. How can I make my massage therapist resume stand out?
– Highlight your unique qualifications and accomplishments, such as additional certifications or specialty training, and provide specific examples of how you have positively impacted clients.


A well-crafted resume is crucial for getting noticed by potential employers as a massage therapist. By following the massage therapist resume examples provided in this blog, you can create a resume that effectively highlights your skills, experience, and qualifications. Remember to tailor your resume for each job application and showcase your unique strengths to increase your chances of landing your dream massage therapy job. has a consumer rating of 4.83 stars on Sitejabber.

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