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How to choose the right resume template?

What is a resume template?

A resume template is a industry standards for job application. So your resume is your career self-introduction. When created properly, shows how your skills, experience, and education. But it should match the requirements of the job you want.

Our resume builder will help you design your resume. Then the next big thing is to select the template style for the resume. So this format directly emphasizes specific professional capabilities. Also it utilizes experience summaries. Then it is the primary means of communicating professional competency.

Then our resume builder software engine analyses your job. Also it generates the perfect template for you.

Also there are more than 100 templates . 1000's of customization options to choose from the resume builder.

Why should I use one?

Our resume template is ATS friendly. That is easy to scan by resume robots. Also it will help the hiring manager to make sure that you're the right candidate.

Professional resume templates

This is a good resume template for the corporates. So a professional resume will sell your profile in a way to standout from the crowd. Then whether you are a start-up or settled business or CEO or a former owner. You will need your resume to showcase the best in you.

Who’ll benefit from a professional resume template?

  • Professional resume templates are for executives, management, entrepreneur, or administrative jobs.
  • When you’re applying for a management position then our professional resume templates is the best choice.
  • So if you've a short or very long work history.

Classical resume templates

The layout is classical and traditional. So it is a formal resume template. Also these resumes templates have easy to understand design. So it always look perfect when printed. Then you can choose this template when applying to a position at a traditional company.

Who’ll benefit from a classical resume template?

  • Classical resume templates are for public relations or governments jobs.
  • So if you're in manufacturing, transportation, drilling, logistics and mining.
  • Most agriculture and production jobs.

Simple resume templates

These templates are great designs for a job in traditional field that deals with population. So our simple resume templates will help you choose best resume templates. Then it attract hiring managers. Also match your skills and professional summary. Then choose from our wide range of simple resume templates.

Who’ll benefit from a simple resume template?

  • Simple resume templates are for professional in the healthcare and education sector.
  • When you're applying for traditional professions such as teacher, doctor, or nurse, this type of resume is highly appreciated.
  • So this resume format can also be used for other jobs.

Modern resume templates

A modern resume template uses the modern fonts, easy appealing design. Then it is the best way to present your resume to recruiters. So our modern resume templates has helped thousands of aspiring candidates to land more interviews.

Who’ll benefit from a modern resume template?

  • Modern resume templates are suitable for professionals in the fields of advance engineering and software development.
  • So if you're in consulting, financial, scientific, or technical services.
  • This format can also be used for other technical or sales jobs.

Creative resume templates

Creative resumes are a great way to show off your creative design skills. So it stands out from the other applicants. Also there is a thin line between creative resumes and a designers template. But, most of the resume writers and builders fail to distinguish between them. Then unfortunately, most designer's template which are not creative resume templates annoy recruiters. It doesn't pass the Application Tracking System(ATS). So if you are in a creative profession then do check our creative resume templates.

Who’ll benefit from a creative resume template?

  • Creative resume templates are recommended for designers, actors, photographers and writers.
  • So if you're in media, entertainment and sports industries.
  • This format can also be used for social media, digital arts, fashion or by graphic designers in software industry.

Student or high school resume templates

Student or high school student resume is for any student. So you can use it for leaving high school or studying in high school. Also this resume template help colleges with a brief introduction of your accomplishments, extracurriculars, hobbies, and work history. Then you can use them as recommendation. It also which helps you get into colleges.

Who’ll benefit from a student or high school resume template?

  • It is for students seeking admission to college.
  • So if you're applying for internship.
  • Then this format can also be used for part-time jobs.

Academic resume templates

Your academic resume should be used to apply only for academic jobs. Then you need to record of all your academic and professional achievements.

Who’ll benefit from a academic resume template?

  • You're applying for teaching jobs in school, colleges etc.
  • So if you're applying for coaching jobs.
  • Then this format can also be used for by an instructors of gym.

Minimalist resume templates

A Minimalist Resume format focuses on your achievements. Also it keeps your resume simple enough to meet your goals. So it will help you to apply for traditional organizations.

Who’ll benefit from a minimalist resume template?

  • When you're applying for government jobs.
  • So if you're working as a social service executive.
  • This format can also be used by public relations professionals.

Graphical or Infographic resume templates

A Graphical resume or Infographic resume will display your skills or achievements in a graphical format. But these resumes use extensive use of graphical icons or images to showcase the professional career.

Who’ll benefit from a Graphical or Infographic resume template?

  • Only professionals in certain careers should consider using a graphical resume design.
  • So if you're a web designers, advertising specialists, artists, and graphic designers.
  • But if you don’t work in these fields, stay away from using a creative format, and instead opt for a simple resume template.
  • These resumes are not ATS complaint and will be rejected by resume scanning robots.

What we recommend for web designers, advertising specialists, artists, and graphic designers ?

  • A Colorful Resume Format is a great choice because it strikes the sweet spot of simplicity and creativity.
  • The color highlights hits the hiring manager attention to details.

How to optimize your resume template?

You’ve selected a resume template. Now ready to write a winning resume. So you’ve spend most of the time doing research for the best resume template. Then you're at the right place and you'll create the great resume. We're here to help you at every step during this journey.

Let us discuss some of the tips -

DO read the job post carefully.

This is the first task for you. So you need to know what your future employers is looking for in a candidate. Then most candidates ignore the job post. But forward the resume based on job title or role in the first few lines. Then you want to create the best resume. So don't ignore the job post. Also read it carefully and if required multiple times.

DO make a draft note...

First you've read the job post. Then you know the requirements. So, can now starting preparing a draft. Write about your career highlights, skills and experience that would help your future employer. But, you need to review it. Also make sure your draft is closer to the requirements of the job post.

DO summarize your skills.

Your future employer is looking for someone with a specific skill or key skills. But don't be shy to list your skills. Also should match the job post.

DO define your role and responsibilities.

You're on specific role and it may be different from the job title. So, you must clearly define your role and should list it. But always focus on the role and responsibilities as this attracts the recruiters.

DO read company policy.

Then you need to be smart enough. Also let your future employer know about your job. But not violate your present company policies. So your resume will list many things about your skills, experience and job profile. But you should be careful not to harm your companies secrets. Always keep yourself safe.

DO make necessary changes to description.

You need to make some changes to your job description. So that it matches your future employer requirements. Then it is better to compare and customize your job description. This technique will help your resume score to increase and more resume selection.

DO list the team size.

You shouldn't ignore the team size in your projects. So there may be case when you're working as an individual contributor. Then too it is worth to mention it. So, you must mention the team size in your resume.

DO mention then project duration.

You're working on a project and you write a brief about it. So to add more value to your resume. But you should mention the project duration. Because it helps the recruiter to understand more about you and the projects you undertook.

DO make use of power words.

You're drafting your resume. Then you should make use of power words. Example :- Award-winning, Business-savvy, Client-focused, Committed, Conscientious, Consistent, Creative, Customer-focused, Customer-service focused, Deadline-driven etc. But don't overuse it which may make it an irrelevant resume.

DO choose your fonts wisely.

A good resume, should be well drafted with professional fonts. So our resume builder will let you choose the best professional fonts for your resume.

DO make use of words wisely.

You must make use of words wisely. Then you should be more focussed on the resume. But don't try to make it lengthy. Space is gold in a resume. So you should spend it wisely.

DO review your draft.

If you're writing your resume then it is important to step up one by one. So the first version of your resume is always the first draft. Then create your first version of the resume and download it. And now you've to do your first review. But it is encouraged that you take help of your friends, relatives or colleagues to review it once. So you can then go ahead and finalize your resume. So if you're looking for a senior position or executive then it is advised to take the help of a professional for a resume review.

Do update your resume.

Only creating your resume and leaving it will not suffice your career goals. So you must continue to update your resume once in a month. It is good habit to develop. So opportunities can knock at the door anytime and you must be ready to grab it.

Do create a blog or website.

So it is advised to create an online profile with our html resume. Then this will help you gather more visibility.

Some more resume templates for the various industries?

Accounting and Finance Resume Templates

It is no secret that a well-written and convincing resume will make the hiring managers read more. So our resume templates are designed by the best resume experts.

Also our resume experts have created hundreds of accounting and finance resume templates. Then it is important for you to keep your resume interesting. But don't create boring and long resumes.

Also you should avoid vague writings. Always should concentrate on your career highlights and achievements. But remember to use power keywords for your industry.

Accounting & Finance Resumes should include these skills

  • Time Management.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills.
  • Excellent Mathematical Skills.
  • Analytical Ability.
  • Financial Management & Planning.

Actor Resume Templates

An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. So, an actor resume should highlight the ability to portray different characters in performances. Then your resume should also mention the various acting methods and how you've accomplish it. But you should show your forth enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and an unrelenting desire to entertain. And show your sincere love and passion for the craft of acting is imperative. But experience is of great importance in this career too. Because as experience increases it leads to bigger and higher paying roles.

Actor Resumes should include these skills

  • Strong Communication Skills.
  • Speaking in Dialects.
  • Ability to memorize line.
  • Punctual and reliable.
  • Good understanding of dramatic techniques.
  • Having the confidence, energy and dedication to perform.
  • Creative insight.

Administrative Support

You're looking for a dynamic company which requires a highly trained and efficient support professionals. So, you must demonstrate your ability to manage. Also take decision, organize and at times manage a team.

Some of the administrative jobs are

  • Office clerk
  • Office assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Office administrator
  • Customer service
  • Office manager
  • Call center agent
  • Office secretary
  • Administrative assistant
  • Customer service etc.

Administrative Support Resumes should include these skills

  • Multi-tasking and Time Management Skills.
  • Filing/paper management.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Data Entry Skills.
  • Strategic Planning Skills.
  • Office software tools.
  • Detail Oriented.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Self-motivation.

Beauty and Spa

Your resume template for Beauty & Spa should be creative. Also it should reflect your adept in various skills. Then your customer feedback and reference means a lot. So you need some specific skills to be successful in the Beauty & Wellness industry. So soft skills and customer service skills matter a lot.

Beauty and Spa Resumes should include these skills

  • Strong Communication Skills.
  • Customer service Skills.
  • A passion for beauty and hair.
  • Excellent time keeping.
  • A good listener.
  • Exceptional Listening Skills.
  • Artistic Flair.


Child care, otherwise known as day care, is the care and supervision of a child. Also in some case multiple children at a time. So the children ages range from six weeks to thirteen years. So to get hired in the childcare industry, you need a winning resume. Also you're taking care of children, and to the facilities which help parents to do so. So, you must include your skills. Also highlight them to attract the recruiters.

So some of the Childcare jobs are -
  • Early years teacher.
  • Education consultant.
  • Family support worker.
  • Health play specialist.
  • Learning mentor.
  • Primary school teacher.
  • Secondary school teacher.
  • Special educational needs teacher.

Childcare Resumes should include these skills

  • Good Communication skills.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Patience
  • Instructional skills.
  • Responsible
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Creativity
  • Physical stamina.


You're looking for a Cook resume. Then you list different variety of foods prepared. Also recipes, food science, presentation, and cooking tools and appliances. Then your resume should highlight your passion your ability to cook various recopies and help your peers. Because your experience will help you fetch a good salary. But there is no basic education required for cook. But high school graduate is the preferred level of education.

So some of the jobs in this category are cook, culinary arts, chef, restaurant server, bartender, caterer, barista, waitress, hostess etc.

Cook Resumes should include these skills

  • Culinary Expertise
  • Cleanliness
  • Detail Oriented
  • Creativity
  • Food Science
  • Motivational
  • Visual Presentation Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Creativity

Driver - Truck driver, delivery driver & more.

You're looking for a driver resume. Then you should clearly highlight your ability to safely transport products. Travel from one place to another and your road safety. So a strong driver resume should focus on the candidate’s driving skills. Also road safety, attention to details and ability to map all driving routes. But your resume should also mention about your safe driving and defensive driving techniques. Also a high school or equivalent diploma is preferred with a valid driving license for the type of vehicle you're driving. So you are driving a vehicle and delivering goods, person or services. But you're also responsible for inspecting vehicle for mechanical and safety issues. Also performing or scheduling any maintenance necessary. Then some of the jobs in this category are driver, trucker, delivery driver, school bus driver, warehouse worker etc.

Driver Resumes should include these skills

  • Excellent Driving Skills.
  • Ability to map different routes.
  • Handle various types of vehicles.
  • Follow all traffic laws.
  • Accurately tracked and updated all deliveries..
  • Hardworking and punctual.
  • Customer Service Skills.
  • Physical Stamina.
  • Dependability.

Registered Nurse

You're a registered nurse. So your resume should focus on the ability to provide patient care. Also you should mention clinical experience and educational certifications. Then your experience should be in taking health care for patients and reviewing the patient treatment plans. Then a strong Nurse resume should target to the specific position. So you must do this by reading job descriptions. Also selecting keywords noted in the descriptions. So use keywords such as - competencies, skills set, education, experience. Also research the employer and target the resume based on the facility values and culture.

Registered Nurse Resumes should include these skills

  • Evaluate and record patient symptoms.
  • Help doctors during exams and surgeries.
  • Dress wounds and incisions.
  • Teach patients about self-care and healthy habits.
  • Lab work.
  • Review patient treatment plans and measure progress.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • Strong Analytical Thinking Skills.
  • Patient Care.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Worked as a passionate and dedicated Intern in the Pediatrics Department.
  • Followed instructions and physician orders with accuracy.
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